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What’s going on this morning?

In case you missed it, the Governor told Jeanine Pirro the following:

These small businesses need certainty, so that they know they can expand, that they can invest more of what they earn in order to grow their businesses and hire more people. We don’t have that certainty under Barack Obama. We have debt. We have unemployment numbers that are atrocious. We have a housing market that is still in the tank. Nothing is getting better under Barack Obama…in order for job creators to be able to prosper and to be able to share opportunity in more prosperity, we need that certainty coming from the federal government. That can only happen with tax cuts; with government shrinking, becoming smaller, smarter, not enlarging itself and taking over more of our lives via excessive regulations and more burdens on us.

Here was the Huckabee forum last night.

The latest attack ads on Mitt Romney.

Here’s one prediction on what the Governor may say at CPAC

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