SC to FL: Monday Quarterbacking–Final Four, All Fighters

Gov. Palin told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly that it was perfectly okay to interrupt her to go hear Rep. Ron Paul’s speech after the SC primary. Said Palin: “I would much rather hear from a warrior on the field than an armchair quarterback.”

So, with that nugget of wisdom, let me humbly throw out the following football.

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary because underdog Gingrich slew the goliath old liberal media in the debate two days earlier, and because Sarah Palin said if she were a South Carolina voter she’d vote for Newt. (Having Todd Palin write a letter that the Gingrich campaign posted on their website probably helped, too.) In the process, his victory humbled the GOP establishment.  The primary, the debates and the vetting continues tonight at the debate in Florida. It’s all good.


Thanks to the surge coming out of the debate on Thursday, where CNN moderator John King began the Presidential debate with a most un-presidential question about allegations from his 2nd ex-wife that Gingrich wanted an “open marriage”, Gingrich was able to parlay the momentum into votes at the polls on Saturday. I’m not saying that the question shouldn’t have been asked. Indeed, it was a topic that was all the buzz before I went to bed Wednesday night and the following day, thanks to Matt Drudge blaring on his website that the interview was “explosive.” Apparently, the ex-wife interview on ABC News was supposed to be Gingrich’s demise in “religious,” conservative South Carolina.  A friend on Facebook, who works for a Republican congressperson here in IL, even wrote on his status “Bye bye Newt.”

Some sort of question about the ex-wife interview begged to be asked. But did it really have to be the first question after a most respectful and dignified rendition of the National Anthem by the cadets from The Citadel?  The people of South Carolina are, like most of us, sick of the liberal old media’s attempts to smear yet another GOP presidential candidate. They did it with Herman Cain, who posed a threat to Barack Obama’s narrative of racism and class warfare. Now they needed to do besmirch Gingrich. So when Gingrich effectively shamed King and, by extension, the rest of the old media, conservatives across the country were punching the air in front of their TV sets with a collective “yes! Go get ‘em, Newt!”

Gingrich was demonstrating for everyone in the GOP that he is a fighter. Just as Gov. Palin is a fighter. And that pumps people up. That fighter’s instinct is what conservatives are thirsting for when it comes time to confront Barack Obama in November in the general election. Someone who won’t shrink back. We’ve seen that fighter’s instinct with Romney, Paul and Santorum at times, but not to the degree that Gingrich was able to display it in Thursday’s debate. He took on the old liberal media and Barack Obama. Romney fought back in the debate with ABC News when George Stephanopolous asked that absurd question about contraceptives Romney not only shamed Stephanopoulos, the former Democratic assistant to President Clinton, he did it with humor and intelligence—even boldly stating that Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned.

So, of all the final four, why did the old media go after Gingrich, especially with his negatives? (In a poll in November, Gingrich came in 4th in likeability, Romney came in first– in all metrics.) The way I see it, the Obama-Axelrod-Plouffe team, in concert with the old liberal media, need to take out Gingrich now to effectively squash the vetting of Mitt Romney. Remember Governor Palin saying the press and the Democrats would not touch Gov. Romney? That they would, in fact, build him up? Well, my guess is that by not touching him until September/October, they could pounce on him, his tax returns, his time at Bain Capital and use his wealth as a divisive wedge in September-October.

Timing is important: if Gingrich didn’t win SC, he might have dropped out, leaving Romney with only Santorum and Paul. But neither of them were going after Romney, really. Not to the extent Gingrich was.


Team Obama does not want to give the GOP time to work out all the kinks before September or October. They need an “October surprise”, something they can nail on Romney–who many say the Democrats want as the GOP nominee. By preventing a rigorous vetting, the Democrats could ensure he does not have enough time to respond, inform and shape the narrative. (See Govenor Palin’s #1 priority after the 2010 Midterm Elections here .)

With Gingrich, Paul and Santorum still in the race, the debates, primary and vetting process continue. This is exactly what Gov. Palin has been saying is necessary and good: iron sharpening iron. As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” So it’s a good thing to have all these debates, questions and primaries continue. It’s bearing fruit: Gov. Romney was going to release his tax returns in April; now he will release them tomorrow.

What’s more, through this process, we’ve been able to tackle a few things before Obama-Axelrod-Plouffe use their $1-billion campaign war chest to seize and spin anything as negative and hurtful. (See: kerfuffle over Bain Capital; brouhaha over capitalism.) The Occupy Wall Streeters are apparently planning a resurgence in the spring that may go into the summer and fall. My guess is that  Team Obama had wanted to use OWS in their class warfare strategy to paint Governor Romney as the “evil 1%” to galvanize their base and hoodwink the masses that the GOP are all evil, greedy capitalists. (Note to OWS: with his net worth, President Obama is part of “the 1%”.)  But now that the OWS protests are humiliating even the most liberal (Nancy Pelosi is distancing herself from them), the Democrats’ strategy is floundering.

Now is the time for the GOP to coalesce and unify. Indeed, Andrew Breitbart believes so strongly in the need for unity, that he has accepted to be one of the speakers at the CPAC conference next month (where Gov. Palin will keynote the event) on the topic of unity and the GOP “Big Tent”.

The process is not only allowing rigorous vetting, it is also giving voters in Florida and beyond to have their voices heard and is making the GOP realize the power of the conservatives and the Tea Party. The longer this goes on perhaps the more influence in June at the convention. Ultimately, a longer primary allows all the yuck that Obama-Axelrod-Plouffe would throw at Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum to come out now and not in September and October.

Tonight’s debate in Florida is a perfect opportunity for the “Final Four” candidates to hammer home Obama’s destructive $16-trillion debt, his administration’s complicity in crony capitalism, the fatally flawed Eric Holder program called Fast & Furious, and his divisive tactics to divide Americans. I’m sure there’s more, but we’d be here all day, and there’s a debate to watch.


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