What Americans Fear Most: Obama’s Re-Election

Via Paul Bedard at U.S. News & World Report:

In our New Year’s poll, when asked what news  event they fear most about 2012, Americans by a margin of two-to-one  said Obama’s reelection. Only 16 percent said they fear the Democrat  won’t win a second term, while 33 percent said they fear four more  years. [Check  out the top political events of 2011]

Next to Obama’s reelection, 31 percent of Americans  said they feared higher taxes, which may be proof that the president’s  focus on the payroll tax cut has hit paydirt.


But in results backed up by other polls, older Americans and  those earning $75,000 or more are especially worried about the president  getting a second term, according to the poll done by Synovate eNation.

Nearly half of Americans 65 and older said Obama’s reelection  was their top fear, 39 percent of those making $75,000 or more agreed.

As we enter the presidential  election year of 2012, what potential news event do you fear the most?

President Obama wins  reelection 33%

Taxes will increase 31%

Iran will  get a nuclear  weapon 16%

Obama will lose   reelection 16%

North Korea will attack   South Korea 4%

I would note that the top two fears — Obama’s re-election and tax increases — are synonymous since Obama’s re-election guarantees the tax increases.   Bedard’s contention that Obama “hit paydirt” with his “payroll tax cut” is silly. It’s a two-month tax holiday, a temporary gimmick that will do nothing to stimulate productive economic activity even if it’s extended for a year.  The only tangible effect of this contrivance will be the transformation of Social Security into another welfare program while hastening its financial demise.

There’s good reason, of course, to fear Obama’s re-election since it’s a near certainty given the pathetic Republican field, which 58% of Republicans are unhappy with.  The GOP is bound and determined to put forth a candidate, Mitt Romney, who will be unable to credibly make a case against Obama on his two greatest vulnerabilities: ObamaCare and unemployment.  This is due to the GOP Establishment’s love for Mandate Mitt as well as what Michelle Malkin described yesterday as “the abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys”.

Mitt Romney’s chronic flip-flopping political career is teeming with reasons to oppose his nomination — from his support for racial preferences, to government funding of abortion, liberal judges, global warming enviro-nitwittery, TARP, auto bailouts, the Obama stimulus, gun control, and of course, individual health insurance mandates that presaged Obamacare.

Instead of focusing on his long political record of expedience, incompetent non-Romneys have morphed into Michael Moore propagandists — throwing not just Bain Capital under the bus, but wealth creators of all kinds who take risks in the private marketplace.

We’re screwed.

Unfortunately, I see no reason to disagree with Malkin’s last two words.


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