Are Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Coordinating Their Attacks?

That’s a question a lot of those who’ve been watching the campaign have been asking for weeks.  Personally, I have no idea what goes on in Ron Paul’s head.  It does seem more than passing strange, though, that the guy who bills himself as the anti-government candidate never utters an ill word toward the guy who created and implemented government-run health care in his state.  Rick Santorum is convinced there is in fact an alliance. But as the candidate who was the target of Wednesday night’s tag team, he would. Ron Paul, naturally, maintains that no such coordination exists:

Ron Paul on Saturday laughed off remarks made by his fellow GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum earlier in the day speculating that Paul and Mitt Romney have a backroom running mate deal going.

“I don’t know what all that meant,” Paul chuckled backstage of a rally he held here at Central Michigan University. “No, we’ve never had a conversation, anything like that… but he’s a family person, I’ve known him for five years, so it is a little bit different. But I don’t agree with [him on] hardly anything probably.”

Of course if Paul doesn’t agree with Romney “on hardly anything probably”, it does seem a bit odd that he never criticizes the Mittster for, well, anything at all. Either at the debates or in his ads.  Who knows what to believe?  Fortunately, Mark Levin tried to sort this out on his radio show Thursday.  It’s a rather long cut, but worth listening to as The Great One pools together a lot of information germane to the topic.

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