Attention C4P Readers: We Need Your Help Tracking Down Governor Palin’s Emails Again – Update

Now that ADN has released the final set of emails from Governor Palin’s office during her tenure, it is time for her supporters to go work. When the last set of emails were released, I wrote:

We need to find the stuff the media doesn’t want the public to know about. We want to show the stuff they aren’t reporting but is still available online. The media wanted to “expose” what kind of executive Governor Palin was while in office… So, let us oblige them! We need your help collecting and archiving excerpts.

Let’s do it again! For now, just post links and noteworthy quotes in the comment section on this thread. I will update it throughout the day.

For a refresher, see the post from the first C4P email project.

Update: It seems that the media is trying to make hay out of the email release by playing up a message that was actually released during the first dump last year. Under a photo of Governor Palin and her husband at the Huffington Post, they write:

“Even before she emerged on the national stage, Palin’s marriage was strained.”

And the AP story says:

“So speaking of… If we, er, when we get a divorce, does that quell ‘conflict of interest’ accusations about BP?” Palin wrote in a 2007 email to her husband and aide Kris Perry, referring to her husband’s former work for BP.

The AP even got the recipients wrong, the email WASN’T sent to Todd Palin.

Here’s the actual email that Governor Palin sent:

Subject: “Marital Problems”
So speaking of…
If we , er, when we get a divorce , does that quell “conflict of interest ” accusations
about BP?

Even Frank Bailey knew she was just joking. He responded:

“VERY funny!”

This is a classic example of leftist media distortion.


Update II: Here are some samples from the new batch of emails released so far:

On Transparency during the transfer of authority to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell:

“Hi Rena: to avoid putting Alaskans through the typical, “politics-as-usual” Lame Duck status during my last year in office, steps are in place for a smooth leadership transition without gaps in our agenda’s progress that’s proven successful. Sean Parnell will continue to protect our Constitution and responsibly develop our resources and keep the state on good economic ground, as we’ve been doing together these past years.

We’re ensuring that the proper Constitutional and statutory procedures are followed. The Department of Law is overseeing the
transition process so it’s seamless and we stay true to Alaska’s Constitution and statutes. I’ll bring Lt. Gen. Campbell’s name forward and he’ll serve Alaskans well as Lt. Gov. Statutes will be followed in this transition, as they were when Gov. Hickel moved forward some years ago to work for Alaska in a different capacity than Governor, and as transition statutes are followed when lawmakers chose to move from their legislative seats to work elsewhere.

The only request I have of lawmakers through this line of succession process is for them to be open and transparent about their confirmation decision by casting votes in public, then we can all look forward to a wonderful swearing-in ceremony for Sean Parnell that I’m planning to hold in Fairbanks!”

Proof that Shannyn Moore is a liar:

“Is anyone working on presser re smacking down the false allegations that are all over local and national news
re: the lie from Shannyn Moore re FBI probe?”

From: Leighow, Sharon W (GOV)
To: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

“The FBI has come out with statements denying any investigation – so at this point I don’t know if a statement is necessary. From what I can see – reporters are just planting seeds – say FBI and Palin in the same story and hopefully the conenection will stick. The LA Times story made clear that the FBI issued a statement saying you are not under investigation. In any case – this would just be a general statement.”

Proof that Governor Palin did indeed reject Obama’s “stimulus” money:

“I just wanted to pass along our support of the Governor for her rejection of the stimulus package dollars for unemployment insurance benefits. The State Chamber, Senator Ellis and many others have worked diligently over the previous two legislative sessions to craft a bill that increased the weekly benefit amount to claimants while putting into place cost saving measures to control on going costs. As we understand it, acceptance of the stimulus dollars would unravel much of that good work. Please let the Governor we appreciate her rejection of the UI stimulus monies. If we can be of assistance in reinforcing her position, please let me know.

Wayne A. Stevens
Alaska State Chamber of Commerce


On the AK state budget & Obama’s “stimulus” money:

“I was asked by lawmakers to provide solutions to the problem Alaska faces with decreased revenue resulting in deficit spending and increased draw on our savings accounts. I have done so by crafting a conservative budget and proposing to use Fed Stim funds to replace some of the state’s general funds to pay for Alaska’s priorities. My proposal allows us to keep healthy savings so we are prepared for the future. Legislators claim my proposal is not acceptable, and have resolved to accept every Fed Stim dollar they can get their hands on. Legislators hold the state’s purse strings, and they have made their decision, and because I am not a dictator I accept their decision. It’s important and fair for Alaskans to know, though, of my administration’s attempts to reign in state government growth and not contribute to the nation’s growing debt that we will be passing on to our children.”

35K in costs for Governor Palin and family per double standards:

“Re: Today’s scheduling If there were a way I could get there I would. I’m in Juneau. Keep in mind this, with the Juneau situation: I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I’m condemned and scrutinized for not being here enough – which led to ethics charges and paying out of my pocket for First Gentlemen and First Family retro’d back travels based on bogus accusations that I traveled too much in the past.., and paid out of my pocket retro’d back taxes for not being in the Gov’s mansion “enough” while it was being renovated the past two summers.., this Juneau situation cost Todd and me about $35,000 recently. The double standard applied to me and my spouse keeps me from freely traveling as other govs did. …..”

And $489,000 in costs to Governor Palin and family per bogus complaints as of Jan. 2nd, 2009:

Kelly- do u think it’s an unintended consequence, or purposeful, that lawmaker’s ethcis law changes and interpretations are resulting in issues like this (see below), and have resulted in putting me on the road towards personal bankruptcy with a $489.000 outstanding personal legal bill that I’m now faced with? Do they have any clue what this political blood sport of allowing the filing of bogus ethics charges for the Personnel Boatrd to deal with has resulted in?

AK Senator Huggins & constituents interested in changing the ethics-provisions after Governor Palin announced her resignation:

From: Senator Charlie Huggins

Dear Governor Palin,
I am writing on behalf of a number of constituents who contacted me after hearing of your intent to resign at the end of the month. My constituents and I are interested in seeing the Legislature address the ethics-related issues that factored into your resignation. To that end, given your personal experience, what recommendations would you make to the Legislature for improving the current process contained inthe Executive Ethics Act for filing ethics complaints? I look forward to learning more from you about what you think can and should be done to make positive changes to our system. On a personal note, and on behalf of the constituents in Senate District H, I would like to thank you for your service to Alaskans.

From: Nizich to Governor Palin

Wanted you to see this if you haven’t received it yet.

From: Governor Palin

No I havent seen this, hopefully Leg Liaison office and AG will work to change the insane circumstances, yet keep allowing public to hold elected officials accountable. Too late for my family and me, but hope Sean and others never have to go through the hell that Andree, the bloggers, etc have caused.


On the frivolous ethics complaint costs to the State of Alaska:

“Are Alaskans outraged, or at least tired of this yet? Another frivolous ethics charge by a political blogger? This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so expensive for the state to process these accusations and for me to defend against the bogus harassments. Yes, I wore Arctic Cat snowgear at a snowmachine event, because it was cold outside, and by the way today I am wearing Alaska’s own Paige Adams’ jeans and Alaska’s Romney Dodd-Ortland hand-painted clogs. When will I see the ethics charge for wearing these? Now how much will this blogger’s asinine political grandstanding cost all of us in time and money today?”

On travel expenses and being charged for trips that were never taken:

“State expenses
Do any of you pay taxes on your per diem when you travel for the state, as I am required now to retroactively do? Or taxed for the vehicles you drive that are rented or paid for by the state? I ask because we’re trying to go through days and hours of state events/functions/travels to figure out the thousands of dollars we’re asked to now retroactively pay re: per diem, vehicle use and family travel.., before we meet with our tax people at H & ARE we want to make sure we know all the consistencies in state rules. BTW- we’re asked to pay full price for tickets the state purchased for some of the First Family events (like NGA’s annual mtg for families in Philly), but we would never have purchased these expensive tickets- we would have used miles, shopped around for cheap tickets, used companion coupons, or just not gone – had we known the state would later say these trips weren’t acceptable as FF events (and the NGA trip is being charged to us at nearly $3000). My understanding is in the past, the person who would reimburse the state for “personal travel” does so at the price they would have paid for the cheapest travel… Linda, please check into that aspect of this retroactive problem we’ve been handed.

Also, I was explaining to Bristol that Petemenous is charging us for things like her trip to Anchorage “so Bristol could attend Valley Performing Arts ‘Beauty and the Beast’ performance” (is how the PB explained that trip’s need for reimbursement).., but Bristol just reminded me she’s never been to VPA, certainly didn’t travel from Juneau to Anchorage to do so! So… if Petemenous got that one wrong on his publicized list of trips I owe the state for, how many others did he get wrong? (Obviously the FF traveled to Anchorage that weekend to attend the AFN Elders’ Honoring the new FF event at the Native Heritage Center… it wasn’t so Bristol could attend a play that she never attended.)”

More on travel expenses and double standards:

From: Governor Palin

Sean, the travel they want to ding me for includes things that were so explicitly First Family… like AFN’s “Honoring the New FF at Alaska Native Heritage Center”, Skagway’s community event “Honoring the Palin family” (a short hop from Juneau – where we stayed with 45-yr-plus family friends that didn’t cost the state anything for lodging), and so many others, I can’t even keep up.

When the critics talk about “the children’s travel”, for the most part they mean only Piper. (I don’t know what critics will think of Trig’s future travels, but I can’t imagine making it a practice of leaving him who needs me for a long stretch of time) We’ve never taken kids’ per diem even tho legally we could and I had to tell the state not to write them checks because we weren’t cashing them. The Mansion was off-limits for two seasons due to renovations so instead of having state rent us rooms, we stayed in Wasilla and I commuted in. I drive (myself) to as many events as roads will take me so the FF can participate without it costing the state anything, etc. I’m just beat down on this one. I am tired. The opponents have succeeded on the drive towards our personal bankruptcy, and have divided my family. Murkowski brought Nancy everywhere. Whereas Todd has been excluded as a helpmate because of opponents lying about his role – so he has been to Juneau three times or less in the past 10 months, and obviously we don’t all see each other as much as we should any more because of the double standards applied. Knowles sent his kids off to Outside private schools – (I’ve chosen to keep an eye on AK’s public school system via having my kids there) and he and Murk had slush funds to pay for travels so he can brag his kids “didn’t cost the state anything”, as he’s given those recent interviews to claim.

The double standard, and recent constantly changing rules, and subjective interpretations prove a mom (or dad who wants to keep his family together) can not serve as Gov of Alaska. One has to be single, wealthy, or corrupt to function in this political system.

Reporter questioning her family’s travel expenses:

Remind him of the family travels w me that I have personally pd for, including with mileage. Hopefully our records very clearly show that. Also, my return of every per diem offer for everything related to the kids…and we need to be proactive in this issue with reminding him of all the steps taken to save state monies like no Anchorage apartment…no chef.., security down from 7 to 2, whatever- I’m sorry you have to deal w this w the FOIA even, I know I’m tired of it already. It is important to know though that probably a week doesn’t go by without me asking if all the rules are being followed, if the Palin family is doing everything right with our travel, etc as First Family. Another significant thing here, to me anyway, was the exclusion of my 17-yr old son (now 19) from all but two First Family events (he traveled to Juneau twice is all in these two yrs and I think I ended up paying for one of the trips myself), I was told it was because he wasn’t going to school in Juneau, which never made much sense.

On paying taxes other Governors didn’t have to pay, also explains that Governor Palin and her family could not stay in the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau during it’s renovation:

“Have any other governors ever pd taxes on per diem? Was it explained that I couldn’t live in the mansion for many months this year and last? Was it explained I’ve saved the state $ by not renting a place and/or having state pay for hotels? Was it explained that this was someone else’s oversight? I paid taxes offthe W2s the state provided me- this was an inconvenience for other ex branch officials (not just me) and I was never hiding anything, in fact we’ve been asking for months what the conclusion was.”

“The irony will be this: this will be the first summer the mansion hasn’t been under renovations so when I am here “holed up in Juneau” as people would say, we’ll hear the complaints that I’m not accessible or available for the 7-day-a-week events and mtgs around the state where the people are, that Alaskans got used to me participating in. The critics will see that it was a GOOD, and less costly, arrangement to work out of the Anchorage office and commute in. Brace yourself for that griping that will ensue due to “too much” of my time spent in Juneau now. Finally- why didn’t other Govs pay taxes on this stuff, why was Murk always bringing his wife everywhere he went (you’ll notice Todd’s had enough of this draining criticism and double-standard scrutiny and he’s basically said screw it, he can’t win trying to fulfill First Spouse duties without people trying to get us in trouble, so we’re down one helpmate there and I don’t blame him one bit.) And why hasn’t all this been an issue until now?”

For the Trig-Truther trolls out there, Governor Palin DID release her medical records to the national media:

“A quick correction regarding your allegation that I claimed in our press release that you “failed to correct errors.” Please
re-read the presser. The mention of the ADN was in reference to your ridiculous pursuit of the “Who’s Trig’s Real Mother…” angle. You say you have not “received any cooperation.., from the parties who, in (your) judgment, stood to benefit most from the story, namely (me and my family).” Pat, we have cooperated. I told you I gave birth to Trig. My family and I were interviewed by local and national press on this, as was my doctor. We released my medical summary to national press. How much more “cooperation” can we provide before that line of questioning ends? And to read your comment that the recent rounds of questions regarding Trig may still not be the end of the story is a bit unbelievable. Surely you have more to report on than that sensational rumor. At this point, I do not blame my doctor for not wanting to comment further, and I join her in saying enough is enough, I will no longer continue to try to prove that Trig is my son… unless you offer to pay for a DNA test that can finally kill the most asinine story I have ever been asked to comment on.
(I’m only half-joking!)

Why was Todd Palin continually excluded from First Spouse traditions and protocol?:

“To be told just two minutes ago.., after much planning for the soldiers’ funeral tomorrow, that non-military “probably can’t travel” on military aircraft is very frustrating.., especially knowing that other first spouses did. And knowing that non-military has traveled on military helicopters (I was with them when they did) in the past. It was a week ago we started planning this with the plan for Trig to travel with me – so I left him in Wasilla upon my return to Juneau last night until we travel together to the funeral. The plan today was for Todd to attend also. If I would have been informed a week ago that there was a wrinkle in this I would never have left Trig home, I would not have had Todd rearrange his schedule for the trip to attend the funeral, etc. It sounds like, as usual, the wrinkles that prohibit my, and the First Gentleman’s, participation in an important event is based on rules that we’re not told of, or that change without this office’s notice. Frank Murkowski had his standing memo that stated if Nancy didn’t attend, then he didn’t attend. Everyone’s seen the memo. I refer to it all the time re the example of the double standard applied to the Palins. I do not know why Todd has been continually excluded from First Spouse traditions and protocol, and I don’t know why we haven’t been allowed to have the same standing memo’s message that Todd WILL participate in this Governor’s gig of mine.., despite the critics mission to force me to adhere to a double standard that changes constantly.., and despite these adversaries mission to constantly divide my family via these changing rules, but enough is enough. The disrespect shown the First Gentleman through the Troopergate issue, the “no, you can’t travel with her even though every other First Spouse did and does across the country”, the bill we’re handed now to pay the state for legitimate First Family and First Gentleman travel, etc is very embarrassing, frustrating and has not been a fair situation to deal with.”

ADN Questions Todd’s BP 401K saying that “some” suggested the number on the form, “12031008” was his balance. Turns out that it was the date:

“The number next to his 401 (k) is the DATE. 12/31/08, sent in the official form from BP folks. Dear God.”

Message from a taxi driver named Jim about “Integrity”:

From: Irwin, Tom E (DNR)
Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2007 10:06 PM
To: Palin Sarah
Subject: Integrity

Governor, tonight I rode with a taxi driver named Jim. He has been in Alaska 30+ years. He asked if I would give you a message and I said I would. “the only thing Alaskans want from their politicians is integrity and you are the only one providing that, he trusts you and thanks you. He is praying God’s best for you”
Hope this encourages you, it sure encouraged me. God bless! Tom

Governor Palin was talking about the frivolous ethics complaints when she wrote “I can’t take it anymore.”

From: Sharon Leighow

Governor- just a follow up. Both Lisa Demer and Mark Thiessan were asking about what state business was conducted on the Indiana trip. We let them know that you met with 3 TC officials for an hour and a half and the topic was the gasline. Both seemed fine with that and didn’t ask for further details about the meeting.

From: Governor Palin

Very true. Thank you. And the trip cost the state zero funds.
Apparently on the same day another ethics complaint was set to be filed by Sondra Thompkins.

From: Governor Palin

Unflippinbelievable… I’m sending this because you can relate to the bullcrap continuation of the hell these people put the family through.

From: Ivy Frye

Complete bs. Saw this early this morning. Have been on the phone about it.

From: Governor Palin

I can’t take it any more.

From: Meg Stapleton

This should be tossed out immediately. It is inaccurate from top to bottom. And the liberal blog fabrication and coordination? Perhaps the media will start telling that story. Pardon my emailing your state account.


On an ethics complaint being filed against Governor Palin when her supporters set up a legal defense fund:

From: Mark Thiessen of the Associated Press

Bill, Sharon,
Looking for any comment on the ethics complaint filed against Gov. Palin
on Monday by Eagle River resident Kim Chatman, claiming the legal
defense fund is an ethics violation itself.

From: Sharon Leighow

How can setting up a legal defense fund be an ethics violation?

From: Mark Thiessen

Sorry. Forgot to copy in this part:
Chatman charges that this fund violates the sections of the Alaska

Executive Branch Ethics Act which address conflicts of interests that
are substantial and material:

Sec. 39.52.120. Misuse of official position
(a) A public officer may not use, or attempt to use, an official
position for personal gain, and may not intentionally secure or grant
unwarranted benefits or treatment for any person.
Sec. 39.52.130. Improper gifts
A public officer may not solicit, accept, or receive, directly or
indirectly, a gift, whether in the form of money …. that is a benefit
to the officer’s personal or financial interests, under circumstances in
which it could reasonably be inferred that the gift is intended to
influence the performance of official duties, actions, or judgment.

From Governor Palin:

You are flippin kidding me.

Governor Palin weighs in again:

I think this is #12 ethics charge? Ironically, this is against me – though it’s a group of supporters that set up a legal fees fund. This is torture:

From Sean Parnell:

It’s sick is what it is! I think they have you calendared for at least one per week.

From Governor Palin:

I know. And I just told someone: we’re not paranoid, they really are after us! 🙂

(Note: The smiley face is at the end of Governor Palin’s email because she typed an emoticon an that’s what WordPress software does to emoticons.)

Governor Palin’s office responds (with facts) to the absurd notion perpetuated by the left in Alaska that she was putting national aspirations ahead of her responsibilities to the state:

From: Bill McAllister
Here’s what I sent to Jill Burke at Channel 2 based on what she told me about Bob Poe’s comments. If it’s relevant to your story, you can use it too:

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Poe would claim, counter to the obvious facts, that the governor is putting national political aspirations above her role as chief executive of the state. In fact, since the election, the governor has spent less than a day out of state attending to partisan politics, and has rejected literally hundreds of invitations to appear on national television and radio programs and in the country’s foremost magazines and newspapers. Similarly, she has rejected dozens of invitations to speak at political events. Instead, Gov. Palin has announced her health care goals, released her proposed budget, and made dozens of appointments to state government positions, and she is preparing her legislative agenda, her energy plan and the State of the State address she will deliver on Jan. 22.”

From: Sean Cockerham of the Anchorage Daily News

Poe had his press conference today and had some critical words for the governor. In addition to his “out of town, out of touch” claim that you addressed below, he said that, while the governor “may be able to see Russia from her house,” he was state director of international trade and dealt with interests in Russia and other nations on trade issues. He also alleged that the governor’s “divisive partisan rhetoric” was not good for the state. Anyway, I’m not planning a second story but will write up his event for the politics blog.

From: Bill McAllister

The governor met with the Russian ambassador on Friday, as you might remember. If Poe’s quoting Tina Fey, then it seems he’s the one who wants to talk about stuff other than state business. Maybe he wants to run against Fey? Again, if he’s talking about “divisive partisan rhetoric,” that doesn’t sound like what has been happening in Alaska the past two years. The governor worked closely with Democrats on three of the biggest issues during her term so far- AGIA, ACES and ethics reform. She brought people together on all three.

Handling business from the ’08 campaign trail:

From: Governor Palin

Checking in to see how thing are going. Any update on Bill? Hope he’s feeling better.
And, great compass piece Mr. Nizich! Any feedback on it?

From: Michael Nizich

Things are going ok, government operations continue to function at your direction. Scheduling requests coming in are being addressed and the cabinet and LG are helping out with various appearances. I have received some positive feed back from folks all over that have read the piece. Most folks figured as much it was the media that wanted to desperately paint a MIA picture. The same article should be in the Fairbanks paper today. The heads up budget meetings are complete and will be summarizing that info this week. The legislative meetings should be starting this week to discuss department proposals.

We miss you and hope all goes well in the next 30 days for you.

From: Governor Palin

Thanks for all your good work. Kris did talk to me about Fleener – sounds good.
Miss you guys!

Mike Hawker freaks out after Doug Brady sends him a C4P article:

From: Mike Hawker

Your folks are going to pay hell for this crap.

From: Michael Nizich

I responded to him on this. Its BS unless he knows something we don’t and I told him that.

From: Governor Palin

Hawker sounding irrational:

Mike Hawker freaks out again after Doug Brady sends him another C4P article:

From: Mike Hawker

You and the Governor are sad cowards. Hiding behind the skirts of a paid blog site with shadowy funding controlled by the governor and her minions. Have the courage to respect the public process.

From: Michael Nizich to Governor Palin

I have a call into him. I am going to get to the bottom of this. I think VVW III just started.

From: Governor Palin

Just fyi for now, for the record too, and I’ll forward another angry Mike Hawker email to you… I want you to have them bc it’s rare that a legislator puts in writing a threat that we’ll “have hell to pay”:

Just a reminder, Andrea Mitchell reported Shannyn Moore’s FBI lie:

From: Sean Parnell

I won’t be telling people where you are going as you are paying for it pesonally and for security reasons. However, as you are flying commercial word will get out.
As an FYI, Andrea Mitchell of ABC news is in town.

From: Governor Palin

Andrea is the one reporting there’s an FBI embezzlement probe! Sheeeesh! She hasn’t reported much of anything accurately. So glad FBI came right out and smacked down that lie last night- it’s unfortunate we didn’t get a statement out asap regarding that false accusation- I asked for it last night but I still don’t see it. I can’t even twitter it until someone can attach the FBI quotes and facts, darn it. I hate for things like that to fester, they go unanswered and end up costing me even MORE to have my private attorneys set the record straight. Could you help me in pushing the importance of timely responses to these false accusations that will cont to be ramped up until I’m out of there?

From: Sean Parnell

Andrea M interviewed me this morning but I don’t remember the FBI claims coming up. Dave Murrow knows how to reach her producer if you need to reach in directly. I will also tell Sharon to get a press release out. We are in that in between period where instructions coming from both you and me will speed up things. I will help, just let me know how…and call if you have something for me to know.

From: Governor Palin

Oh, we have Andrea’s contact info- believe me. We have hundreds, if not a couple thousand… I sure hope they’re getting the message that my announcement and follow up letter yesterday should speak for itself re: “reasons” – but they just can’t accept an altruistic choice? They don’t get us up here.

From: Governor Palin

Wonder if Andrea can handle Dillingham and McGrath!

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