Big Hollywood: Expect Liberal Critics to Carry Water for HBO’s ‘Game Change’

A warning from our friends over at Big Hollywood about what is sure to come from the left’s “secondary reinforcements” in the lead up to the release of HBO’s ‘Game Change‘ (emphasis):

HBO as a proverbial landing force in the left establishment’s assault on American tradition doesn’t stand alone. To effectively combat such efforts in the electronic civil war raging against us, we must develop an accurate analysis of what we face.

The proverbial beach landing can’t accomplish the left-wing establishment’s goals without the secondary reinforcements: film critics. Like animals feasting on rotting flesh, they work themselves into a frenzy to crush or promote films depending on their political narrative.

Simply calling out HBO isn’t enough. We need to watch the coming critic frenzy and specifically call them out as individuals along with their respective outlets.

It is my firm belief that the left will not stop trying to shift public opinion through dishonest means, via the entertainment industry, until they are all blatantly exposed for what they are. Conservatives can win in the court of public opinion, when the truth is out there for all to see.

Here at C4P, we will be keeping watch over these film critics and the views they express, in the days to come.

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