Catch Grizzly Fest Today 1-4 pm ET And Hear Special Message From Gov. Palin (Update: Live, From The Internet, It’s Time For GrizzlyFest)

Update: We are now livestreaming and providing a chat feature for GrizzlyFest.

Greetings Palinistas! Grizzly Winter Fest is here. You can listen live on C4P (or other sites) from 1-4 pm ET today. Or catch the podcast later! (Here)

Gov. Palin has recorded a special message just for Grizzly Festers that will be featured today. We’re so grateful for her support and acknowledgement.

Our goal today is to inspire ordinary Palinistas everywhere that we can all make a difference in our communities. All of our efforts, collectively, make a difference in advancing the cause of limited government and free markets. I’m especially excited about interviewing Professor Luigi Zingales, whom Gov. Palin mentioned in America By Heart. Dr. Zingales is a passionate defender of the free market and is wrapping up a book on the perils of crony capitalism and what we need to do about it. He grew up in Italy where political connections often mattered more than good ideas. He worries that in a Solyndra-world, we’re headed down that same path.

We’ve got whistleblowers and reformers galore at today’s summit … Peter Schweizer, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch of Wisconsin … and you’ll hear from Thomas Schmitz, the chairman of American Grizzlies United, about grassroots efforts to elect reform-minded conservatives at all levels of government.

So, grab your hot cocoa, fire up your laptop or SmartPhone, and join your friends in the Palin movement once again for some Corruption Bustin’ fun.

The Winter Fest Line-Up – Sudden and Relentless Reform

The following websites also will be hosting the Livestream broadcast:








Plan on settling back at your preferred website for all the events! You’ll see a show page pop up with a player. In addition to watching the Livestream broadcast, you’ll also be able to participate in our dedicated chat room.

And, please support the future of Grizzly Fest by going to the DONATE page and contributing now. If everyone that listened to the first Grizzly Fest contributed a small amount, we will be able to sustain Grizzly Fest through the 2012 elections and provide transcripts of our summit.

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