Common Cents | Romney Victory Speech After Sweeping Michigan and Arizona

Mitt Romney vastly exceeded his 2008 vote totals in both Michigan (409,120 vs. 338,316) and Arizona (216,805 vs. 186,838). He crushed Santorum nearly two to one in the winner-take-all Grand Canyon state, padding his comfortable 167 to 48 delegate lead over Santorum with 29 more delegates. Romney also defeated the Democrats and Rick Santorum in his “homestate” that he hasn’t lived in for 40 years. In the waning days of the campaign, the DNC continued to run ads against Romney, while Michael Moore and Rick Santorum urged liberal Democrats to vote against Mitt.

Strangely, Santorum hasn’t even qualified for the ballot in his “homestate” of Virginia, having failed to get the required number of signatures there. Will Newt Gingrich be able win in his homestate of Pennsylvania? We may be looking at Romney being the only candidate to win his “homestate.”

Common Cents blog has the victory speech from Tuesday night:


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