CPAC: Romney Uses the Word “Conservative” 25 times in 26 minutes.

Via Politico:

Mitt Romney is so eager to become the conservative choice in the GOP  presidential race that he used the word conservative or conservatives 25 times  in his 26-minute Friday speech to the Conservative Political Action  Conference.


“I was a conservative governor. I fought against long odds in a deep blue  state, but I was a severely conservative Republican governor,” he said. “I  understand the battles that we, as conservatives, must fight because I have been  on the front-lines.”

This is all very strange.  Why would a guy need to tell people he’s conservative 25 times in 26 minutes?  Could it be because…he’s not?  Would Governor Palin, for example, need to assure her audience she’s a conservative once a minute for the duration of her speech? I think not.  Is the only significant achievement during the Mittster’s tenure as a “severely conservative Republican governor”, RomneyCare, an example of his severe conservatism? If so, why didn’t he tout this glittering example of conservatism in his CPAC speech?

While Romney repeated his pledge to repeal Obama’s national health care plan,  he didn’t mention the similar program he enacted in Massachusetts.

And the moment Romney left the stage, the extent of his challenge became clear: The subsequent speaker began opining about the evils of health care mandates, which were part of Romney’s state-based law, both in Massachusetts and  across the country.

Oh, maybe that’s why. Rush Limbaugh was also puzzled by Romney’s “severely conservative” line.

Exit question: Is ObamaCare evidence that Obama is severely conservative?


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