Hot Air Exclusive Video | Strong Conservative May Challenge MN Dem Senator Klobuchar

•On running against Klobuchar: “The first thing you do is remind people how she actually votes. … She voted with Senator Obama 92% of the time, and Senator Franken 93% of the time.”
•On the moment: “These are times of incredible consequence. There’s a lot of big, important things happening in our country. And we need representation that’s willing to roll our sleeves up and get dirty on those tough issues. Often with Senator Klobuchar, you have her taking on the easy issues.”
•Taxes: “Reform and simplify. … The only people who understand the tax code are the regulators … and the people who can take advantage of that tax code are the people who can afford to pay the lawyers.”
•Entitlements: “We’re driving off a cliff. Either we make the tough choices now, or they’re going to be made for us.”
•ObamaCare: “Complete repeal. Replace it with something that’s patient-centered, market oriented … We don’t need government making those calls for us and mandating [them].”
•Defense cuts: “Across-the-board blanket cuts are not the way to go. … There are places — we could look at how we procure our weapons systems, for instance. I think it takes someone who has been there, seen it — seen how our military works. … The world’s still a dangerous place, and if not America, then who?”
•Global security mission: “The unfortunately reality, as you know, is that most of the Western world has checked out. Europe is piggybacking on our defense infrastructure. They don’t have the ability to project power or defend interests around the world. So if we check out, then freedom and democracy around the world in many ways checks out.”


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