It’s Not Romney’s Capitalism I Don’t Like

Guest Submission by Ervin Simms

During the South Carolina Primary a lot was made about the attacks on Capitalism and Mitt Romney as an example of a capitalist entrepreneur.   While I cannot speak for others, I would like to clarify my thoughts on Mitt Romney and his business endeavors and why I do not support his candidacy for President of the United States.  First, I have no problems with Romney’s behavior as a businessman.  As far as I know everything he did was legal.  I have no problem with him making a lot of money, and if he did not break any laws, I don’t really care what the percentage of his income was paid to the government in taxes.

I do, however, have problems with Mitt Romney as the President of the United States.  I do not believe that he is a mainstream conservative.  My definition of mainstream conservative is one who believes in the Judeo/Christian world view and morality, (read pro-life here as well as a host of other Biblically based moral issues) and one who subscribes to the belief that small government bound and limited to the powers listed in the Constitution, is to be preferred to big and virtually unlimited government.  I do not believe that Mitt Romney is a mainstream conservative.

Specifications to my charge are lengthy.  Here are a few.  Governor Romney is late to the game when it comes to being Pro Life.  I find it too politically convenient to believe his Pro Life change of heart.  He has stated that he believes in man produced Global Warming which means that he could readily change or compromise on issues like Cap and Trade.  His Universal Healthcare law in Massachusetts was a model for the Obamanation that now hangs over us all.  He continues to justify the propriety of that Massachusetts law and its state mandated requirements on citizens.  I do not believe that he will be properly motivated to move against Obamacare should he take office.  I find the Governor to be a Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, establishment Republican that has more in common with the governing Washington elite than he has with the small business entrepreneur and average person of this nation.

I distrust the support that Mitt Romney receives from the governing elite of this nation.  I distrust his ties to big government and big business.  (Those being two of the three legs on the stool that makes up the fascist/socialist government that this nation has endured since Franklin Roosevelt.  The third leg is big labor.)  I do not think that Mitt Romney sees anything dangerous in the cozy relationships that big government and big business maintain.  I find Mitt Romney’s relationship to Goldman Sachs as disturbing as I find Barack Obama’s ties to Goldman Sachs.  I find the backhanded negative campaigning that Mitt Romney practiced in 2008 and in this election cycle to be disturbing.  Mitt Romney rarely said anything negative, but permitted surrogates to attack and tear down his opponents.  When his opponents strike back he plays the victim.  “People who attack Mitt Romney are attacking Capitalism.”  Please, does anyone really think that any of the candidates for the Republican nomination are opposed to Capitalism?  If anyone is taking a page from the Obama playbook, maybe it is Mitt Romney.

In conclusion, I wish to state that if Mitt Romney does (without my support) win the Republican Party nomination, I will gladly vote for him.  I will do this because in spite of all my reservations about the Governor, I am certain he will do a better job than the current President.  To keep him honest, however, I will do my best to elect the most conservative Congress that we can get.

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