John Nolte: How HBO Attempted to Con Sarah Palin Into Validating Its ‘Game Change’ Hit Job

In a post last night, Stacy indicated that Big Hollywood’s John Nolte would have an important article out today chronicling HBO’s pathetic attempt to validate their fictitious anti-Palin propaganda film, Game Change, by getting Governor Palin to cooperate with it. Nolte also explores the curious timing of the fiction’s release date immediately after Super Tuesday. Keep in mind that at the time HBO’s hit job was conceived, Team Obama fully expected Governor Palin would be running for President in 2012.  Anyway, here are a few excerpts from Nolte’s piece:

“The ‘Game Change’ trailer doesn’t reflect anything I recall.” — Jason Recher, Advisor to the McCain Campaign who was with Governor Palin during nearly every waking moment of the ‘08 election.

When and how did we know that the upcoming HBO film “Game Change” would be a total and complete hit job produced only with destroying Sarah Palin in mind? Well, we knew that the moment the film was announced back in March of 2011. For starters, the material upon which the film is based, the book “Game Change,” written by left-wing political journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, is itself a hit-job, and a poorly sourced one at that.

Among others, no less than the New York Times and Howard Kurtzhave questioned the book’s sourcing … and sexism. We also know that HBO chose only a small portion of “Game Change” to adapt, the portion that focuses on Governor Palin. Therefore, and quite intentionally, HBO chose to leave out anything that might damage Barack Obama’s reelection chances.

If that fails to convince you, watch the trailer. It speaks for itself.


When the film was first announced by HBO in March of last year, it was widely believed then that Governor Palin would take a run at unseating President Obama in 2012.  And what better way to aid Obama’s reelection effort than with a multi-million ad campaign (disguised as a docu-drama) targeting the person who could very well be his chief rival.

But even more insidious is the film’s release date of March 10. Think about it, if you’re a gang of left-wing operatives with HBO at your disposal, what better release date is there than just a few days after Super Tuesday — the very day Palin might have secured the nomination. Obviously, the idea was to shock and awe any momentum she might have had, not only with the power and wealth of HBO, but a vindictive news media that would’ve used the film to beat Palin senseless with all the way to November.


Now that I’ve laid the necessary context, I’m going to tell you the story of just what a devious and dishonest outlet HBO proved itself to be when it came to their dealings with Governor Palin and her camp. And unlike “Game Change,” my sources are on the record.

While “Game Change” was still in production, screenwriter Danny Strong reached Jason Recher (the campaign’s senior advisor who was with Palin throughout the campaign). Strong told Recher the he was eager to speak with pro-Palin folks in order to find out if the book “Game Change” got anything wrong.

Recher told me, “I spoke to him briefly, told him [that the campaign] was one of the most positive experiences of my life, and that the 40 pages of ‘Game Change’ did not reflect my memory of that time.”

After that, Recher never again heard back from Strong and later learned, “I was written out of the movie, despite being a key player on an hourly basis for the duration of the campaign.”


According  to Tim Crawford, Treasurer of SarahPAC, HBO did offer to come out to Governor Palin’s home in Wasilla, Alaska, for a private screening, but that offer was wisely turned down. Obviously, HBO was looking for an easy piece of publicity that they could spin into Team Palin somehow endorsing their hit-piece.

Besides, would you want these people in your home?

As much as HBO might want you to think different, Palin and her people are not dumb. Crawford told me that others, including the Governor, received interview requests from Strong but that they all were well aware that the very foundation Strong was using to write his film was based on a hit-job. It wasn’t as though Strong and HBO chose to make a movie about Sarah Palin from her auto-biography, “Going Rogue.” Furthermore, the film’s director is Jay Roach, and it was Roach and Strong who had teamed up once already to rewrite history to the left’s advantage with “Recount,” a one-sided HBO film that took viewers behind the scenes of the 2000 Florida recount.

In my opinion, Strong and HBO were attempting to play a sucker’s game with all-involved. What he and HBO were obviously hoping for was any kind of cooperation that would allow them to claim that the Governor and/or her people had validated their own cinematic crucifixion.


Read Nolte’s entire piece here.  Read it twice and recommend others read it.  It’s that good.

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