John Nolte: Video From 2008 Proves Absurdity of HBO’s ‘Queen’ Attack On Thatcher-Admirer Palin

Perhaps Steve Schmidt and the members of the pro Obama SuperPAC (also known as HBO) were getting bored with all of the old lies that they created about Governor Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign. They have decided to create a new fresh line of garbage to help promote their movie, this time centered around the Queen of England and Margaret Thatcher. What they claim is absurd and as it turns out, not a very smart line of attack on their part.

From John Nolte, via Big Hollywood:

HBO has now leaked (through a screener or some other method) another un-sourced attack that wasn’t even in the book “Game Change,” but apparently will be in the film:

The former Alaska governor reportedly made the comment during the 2008 presidential campaign as aides to John McCain, the Republican candidate, scrambled to bring his surprise-pick running mate up to speed on foreign affairs.

In one of the many rambling responses that steadily eroded her credibility during the campaign, Mrs Palin reportedly replied that she would “continue to have an open dialogue” with the Queen.

Her confusion emerged during a coaching session with Steve Schmidt, a top McCain adviser, who asked Mrs Palin what she would do if Britain began to waver in its commitment to the Iraq war.

The video I’ve posted above is from 2008, and if memory serves, it’s the Governor’s first interview with Sean Hannity after she was chosen by John McCain as is running mate.

The video makes it impossible to believe HBO. Are we really supposed to buy that an honor student, a college graduate, a self-made woman who unseated a sitting governor in her own party, and someone who picks Margaret Thatcher as one of the three people she most admires — and who obviously understands Thatcher’s historic relationship with Ronald Reagan — had no idea there’s a prime minister in England?

What we have here is an entertainment outlet behaving like the DNC with these drip-drip-drip attacks that are obviously meant to put Governor Palin on defense as she tries to prove that something didn’t happen — as she attempts to prove a negative.

Moreover, it’s pretty obvious who this anecdote might have come from. Steve Schmidt has finally come out of the closet as one of the background sources for both the movie and the film “Game Change,” and this latest anecdote reveals that he was there when the “queen” moment supposedly happened. In many Republican circles, Schmidt is infamous for his years-long crusade to blame Palin for a campaign he and Nicholle Wallace lost.

Obviously, he’s found a willing accomplice in HBO.

You can read the entire piece here.

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