Money Bomb for Grizzly Fest

UPDATE: We are now 60% of the way toward our goal as of Noon ET today. Help keep it going!

Unfortunately, it takes more than effort alone to put on Grizzly Fest. Please donate and help defray the costs. We always envisioned Grizzly Fest as a collaborative, grassroots effort funded by you, the “Grizzly Coalition”. Your $$ will let us know if Grizzly Fest has a future!

What is the Grizzly Fest mission?

To expose corruption at all levels of governance; to support and promote candidates and/or individuals who will fight for smaller, smarter, cleaner, government.

What is the Grizzly Coalition?

We are a group of conservative bloggers inspired by Gov. Sarah Palin’s record of fighting crony capitalism in Alaska.


Winter Fest Online Summit Agenda

When: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 1:00pm EST
Where: Right here on (Other host sites will be announced soon!)

Part 1: The Watchdogs

Sarah Nuckles, transportation commissioner who blew whistle on $344 million vote-buying scam in So. Carolina

Adam Andrzejewski, founder of For The Good Of Illinois, a watchdog group putting government checkbooks online.

Part 2: Crony Capitalism 101

Peter Schweizer, Stanford fellow, author of Throw Them All Out

Luigi Zingales, Univ. of Chicago professor and co-author Saving Capitalism From the Capitalists

Part 3: Sudden and Relentless Reform

Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin, facing recall election for challenging public sector unions

Scott Beason, Alabama state senator, challenging 10-term incumbent Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus

Plus: On-the-Ground Update from American Grizzlies United & Thomas Schmitz

Join your friends in the Palin Movement to hunt for real reformers!

Learn more about our Grizzly Fest Guests here.

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