Moore’s Lame Attempt at Damage Control (But Still Beats Anything McCain Has Offered)

According to the New York Post, and amidst all the criticism of HBO’s fictional piece of poor agitprop, Julianne Moore now has some very interesting comments on Governor Palin.

First, she acknowledges the McCain campaign’s mishandles:

She “was suddenly almost in lockdown, where [she] wasn’t allowed to speak to anybody unless it went through the proper channels. They were telling her what to do and how to dress. And how to behave,” Moore said. “So they take a candidate for what she is and what she represents, and they want to make her into something else.”

The article continues to suggest Palin was not prepared but attempts to sugarcoat it by saying that it in no way means Palin was “dumb.”  To articulate, Moore says:

“I think she’s very canny,” Moore said. “And she’s extremely hardworking and ambitious, and would not have reached the place that she reached without ability. You don’t get to be a vice-presidential candidate by accident.”

To me, it’s odd to suggest in one sentence that someone was the victim of “lockdown” who was brought on because of “what she is and what she represents” and then move on to suggest that same person wasn’t prepared to be vice-president.  Could it be that perhaps her appearance on the campaign trail was a byproduct of the “lockdown” the McCain campaign had her under?

This shines a little light on the truth.  First, it explains why it is McCain has remained mum for the most part in his defense of Governor Palin.  In one interview, he remarked he wouldn’t watch Game Change.  But never did he deny the specific and unsubstantiated charges hurled to the press from sources who remained unnamed.  If McCain acknowledges the truth that his campaign over-played their hand in scripting everything Sarah Palin said and did, he’d be admitting why it was he couldn’t lead our nation as he couldn’t even lead his own campaign.

Sarah Palin was supposed to compliment Senator McCain in 2008.  That plan backfired.  Instead of complimenting him to be a competent front-runner, McCain remained a dud unable to inspire in debates against Obama.  Consequently, Palin became the first Vice-Presidential candidate in history to carry the entirety of a ticket’s momentum on her shoulders.

She did it so well that Steve Schmidt admitted in a simultaneous attempt to discredit her that “our margin of defeat would’ve been greater” if she had not been on the ticket.

But in researching Palin, didn’t Moore research everything-Palin pre-2008?  You’d think she’d have been interested in why it was Palin took on an incumbent Republican Governor in Alaska and trounced him in an election.  Wasn’t she in the least bit curious as to why Palin achieved an 80% approval rating as Governor?

Perhaps if she had, Moore would have discovered that it’s because Palin refuses to play the games of the elite.  Sarah doesn’t have enough politicos saying nice things about her.  While John McCain reaches across the aisle for amnesty in 2008 with Kennedy, Palin reaches across the aisle for the purposes of serving the people in a bipartisan way.  She knows that in order to inspire annoyed Democrats and Independents to come over to the side of common sense and conservatism, we have to first acknowledge the corruption and problems among Republicans.  You make these Independents a part of that clean-up process and get them behind you to sustain it for the long haul.

It’s called common sense, hard work, and honesty.

It was those qualities Palin had along with its accompanying results which caught the eye of McCain.  Unfortunately, it didn’t change his shortcomings.  It didn’t make him the “maverick” he thought it would.

So by the end of 2008, it was far more convenient for Schmidt to ride the media’s wave of false narratives than it was to learn from his mistakes of trying to script someone who didn’t need scripting.  Palin took that pressure and wanted to campaign with that momentum.  Schmidt and Wallace mishandled that gift and came out looking like dunces.

My hunch is that McCain knows this.  My hunch is that even Julianne Moore knows this.  It’s just better for the sake of business as usual for them to ignore it all.

It’s becoming clear that just like McCain’s campaign managers, or just like the creep who moved in next door to the Palin family, or just like Palin’s disgruntled former aide who was recently fined $11K for misusing state emails, these Hollywood folks who are supposed to be part of an “elite” are headed down the same path of irrelevancy.

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