New Palin Emails Prove C4P Got Under Mike Hawker’s Skin

Ian recently linked to this in as an Open Thread topic, but I thought it was appropriate to make a full post out of the matter.

It seems that back in 2009, according to the newly released set of emails from Governor Palin’s tenure, Conservatives4Palin got under the skin of a corrupt legislator in Alaska. That corrupt Alaskan legislator is Mike Hawker (RINO-Anchorage), who still represents the 32nd House District. He lost his temper after future C4P Editor, Doug Brady, sent him a post written by Rebecca Mansour titled, “Mike Hawker, One Lucky Lying “Corrupt Bastard.” She wrote:

I’ve had just about as much as I can take of Rep. Mike Hawker (RINO-Anchorage).

Let me be blunt. He is a cynical and dissembling politician. He is a flat out liar.

He’s been carrying on and making a general ass of himself to the local and national media saying stupid things like this:

Anchorage Republican Rep. Mike Hawker, co-chairman of the committee that writes the budget, said TransCanada seems to be merely subcontracting some work to Exxon. “My take is what’s going on here is a completely overblown media circus,” said Hawker, whose wife works for Conoco in its Cook Inlet operations.

Overblown media circus? No, see, we’re talking about a natural gas pipeline that will be the largest private energy project in the world. We’re not talking about Troopergate.

Exxon is partnering – not subcontracting. There’s a big difference.

You just learned that Hawker’s wife works for Conoco, the company with a rival pipeline project in competition with Gov. Palin’s AGIA based pipeline, but let’s look a little closer.

Who is Mike Hawker? Let’s take a stroll down a crooked lane

There’s much more, but you get the picture.

Rebecca had written that post on July 15th, 2009. The next day, Doug emailed the post to Hawker’s office, who then proceeded to email Governor’s Palin office with a hostile message, stating:

“Your folks are going to pay hell for this crap.”

To which Governor Palin responded to her staff:

“Hawker sounding irrational”


I’m not sure what he’s implying by writing “your folks,” but after Doug sent Hawker another C4P post written by Daniel Terrapin titled, Mike Hawker and the Invisible Strings,” it is clear to see that the Anchorage Representative started to develop some conspiracy theories regarding C4P and the Governor’s team. And again, Hawker freaked out and sent another email to Michael Nizich on Governor Palin’s staff, writing:

“You and the Governor are sad cowards. Hiding behind the skirts of a paid blog site with shadowy funding controlled by the governor and her minions. Have the courage to respect the public process.”

He stated that C4p had “shadowy funding,” which is actually hilarious considering that C4P was still on Blogger back then. We’re on WordPress now, which is a little more expensive than $10, yet we still get by without any “shadowy” funding. Just so there is no confusion, we pay for our site with ad revenue and there isn’t one paid writer on our site. It’s called “activism” Mr. Hawker.

The bottom line here is that Hawker’s reaction to C4P’s posts regarding his corruption, obviously hit a nerve. If this was a man with nothing to hide, he never would have sent threatening and paranoid emails to Governor Palin’s office.

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