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What’s going on this morning?

Internal McCain campaign e-mails indicated that “the Hispanics in Florida loved Palin.”

She told the New York Times that “Santorum has done a good job in pointing out that Achilles’ heel in Romneycare.”

Unfortunately for Santorum, the exit poll numbers suggest that he threw Michigan away when he released his robocall. He won voters who decided earlier in the month of February and days before election day (42% of all exit poll respondents) by twenty-point margins over Romney. Among the 9% of exit poll respondents who indicated they had decided on election day, Santorum lost by a 38-31 margin to Romney. If Santorum had won by a similar margin among the voters who decided on election day as he did among voters who decided earlier in February and days before election day, then he likely would have won narrowly. The only thing that I can think of that explains why the numbers would be so different between voters who decided a couple days ago and voters who decided on election day was the robocall. Whether right or wrong, voters who decided on election day appear to have taken the viewpoint that it’s one thing to passively accept Democrat Party support whereas proactively seeking Operation Hilarity voters is a different story.

The Governor apparently did defend Santorum’s push for Democrat votes in the NY Times interview. Santorum’s strategy certainly is a reasonable one but his execution was so sloppy in Michigan that it allowed Romney to put into voters’ minds that he was seeking Operation Hilarity voters rather than sincere Democrats.

In any event, here was Santorum’s speech. Washington State votes next on Saturday.

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