Quinnipiac Poll: Palin at 20% as Alternate Candidate Choice

Guest Submission by Jose R. Gonzalez

I was actually watching CNN last night and they mentioned a poll from Quinnipiac University Polling Institute where Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush were tied at 20 percent as an alternate choice in the GOP race.  Mitch Daniels polled at 15 percent.  The candidate leading in the race was actually Gov. Chris Christie.

When voters were just asked to choose between Santorum and Romney, the margin between the two candidates expanded. Santorum had the support of 50% of likely Republican voters, compared to 37% who went for Romney.

Most respondents, 54%, said it was not likely at all a candidate not currently in the race would wind up becoming the 2012 Republican presidential nominee

But if such a candidate emerged, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would be the most popular, with the support of 33% of likely Republican voters. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush were at 20% and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels stood at 15%.

Forty-eight percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said having a candidate not currently in the race become the nominee would be bad for the GOP, compared to 37% who said it would be good for the party. (Read full article)

Christie has repeatedly denied his intentions to run (even had a press conference to repeat himself) and he has already endorsed Gov. Romney and been a very active surrogate for Romney.  As a result, that leaves Palin and Bush as the leading alternate choices.  Jeb is another member of the Establishment, as is Daniels, a former George W. Bush administration official.  Less than half of the polled believed an alternate choice would hurt the party and nearly 40 percent believed it would actually help.

The Establishment bosses have already pushed Jeb  Bush and Mitch Daniels as their choices.  Palin IS the people’s choice.  She has suggested she would accept the nomination if asked of her at a brokered convention.  I’m still holding hope for an “unconventional” campaign where the good governor still at least runs and helps invigorate our democratic process and inspire the base.

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