The 2012 “You Betcha” Jacket

Guest Submission by CG Rosenthal

Being stirred to take the trip from San Diego to Indianola last summer to see on an inconspicuous level the TEA Party locals, I brought along my baby blue motorcycle ladies’ jacket.  After Sarah’s inspiring “presidential” schpeil, my friend wanted to get a closer snapshot of the Alaskan.  When I noticed the cameras on the frontlines, I raised my jacket to be seen by every lens…on the back (in pink) “2012 You Betcha!!”   Next thing I know, my jacket left my hands & Sarah was signing it!

Though wearing the ladies’ jacket on my cruiser riding around a recently blue county (most counties in California are red, just not the main cities), I was never more proud than to wear the jacket at the MJAA (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) Southwest Conference this past weekend (Feb 2012).  Few readers, perhaps, understand the chutzpah (great courage) to do so…let’s just say there is a long history among my people who do not support the right (for lack of understanding because of the “reich”, I’m convinced)….ready to remove the jacket upon request.  Surprisingly, yes…surprisingly… the jacket’s message was well received !!  I’m not speaking/writing on behalf of the MJAA, no, not at all, but to brighten the hope that there are growing numbers of Jewish people and those among the Messianic movement (Jews & Gentiles who believe in Jesus) who recognize Sarah’s love for Israel & support of our people.  “As goes Israel, so goes America” she has said.  They are recognizing similarities in today’s America political agenda with that of WWII Germany…we of all people can see the signs.

For those who were mystified with my signed jacket, I responded that I treasure the picture/symbolism of Sarah wearing a Magen David (Star of David) on Ellis Island tour with the Statue of Liberty in the background .I’m in favor of dubbing her a righteous Gentile.  Pray for my people that their eyes be opened this “2012 You Betcha!!” election year and indeed, for all Americans to awaken to freedom’s cry.  Joining with you all to ride the message to Victory.

– CG

San Diego, CA

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