Update: Grizzly Fest Podcasts Available, Including Message From Gov. Palin

Thanks for joining us today. If you missed any part of Grizzly Fest you can listen to the various segments here.

Watch live streaming video from grizzlycoalition at livestream.com

We’re so grateful Gov. Palin was able to take part in our efforts.

Governor Palin thanked all of us for our activism, and told us she had our backs. She said if it weren’t for us “Grizzlies” she wouldn’t have much confidence in saving the Republic. She even handed the phone to her dad!

We’re still working on preparing the segment with Luigi Zingales.

Thanks for your support! And much thanks to Roderic Deane and the Grizzly Fest team, as well as our guest interviewers today: Kevin Scholla, Whitney Zahnd, Janne Myrdal, Peter Singleton and LaDonna Curzon.


Update: Here’s audio of Governor Palin’s message to Grizzly Fest, including a word from Chuck Heath Sr. Enjoy!

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