Guest Submission: Sarah Palin Radio Exposes More “Game Change” Lies

Guest Submission by Ron Devito

Sarah Palin Radio

Over the weekend HBO will air Game Change, the controversial movie based on the equally controversial book of the same title. On Sunday, March 11 at 2000 / 8 PM EST, REELZ will bring The Undefeated to TV, with encores on March 12, at 2200 / 10 PM EST and March 25 at 1730 / 5:30 PM EST. Unlike Game Change, The Undefeated tells the true story about Sarah Palin’s accomplishments as Governor of Alaska, how she brought reform to her state and how her enemies tried to destroy her.

Game Change Fictionalized Key Facts to Harm Gov. Palin

LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer and Host of Sarah Palin Radio interviewed Lisa Kline, who was Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s stylist during the historical 2008 Republican National Convention. Kline reports that the portrayal of both Gov. Palin and herself in the movie was untrue. Kline has seen a screening of the film and today revealed “for the first time, what she thinks of the movie. Kline is an important player in the so-called ‘wardrobe fiasco’ that flared up around Gov. Palin during the convention. She was there. She knows the truth and now she is telling the world the truth about Game Change. Among other things, Kline reported that she told the Game Change screenwriter that Palin was serious about wardrobe. He ignored the facts and made her look ‘giddy.'”

Curzon interviewed other campaign insiders who said key events portrayed in the movie were pure fiction meant to sully Gov. Palin. For instance, she did not mispronounce “Jimmy Choo” as portrayed in movie. The mispronunciation was complete fiction.

You can hear Curzon’s 2010 interview with Kline at or in the embedded audio transcript. “In this interview, she vindicated Gov. Palin against the bogus allegations that the lamestream media simply made up. Of course, the lamestream media chose to ignore that interview because their mission is to destroy Gov. Palin at all costs.”

Curzon wrote in a release:

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Gov. Palin on this program. I’ve interviewed her father and her daughter Bristol on this show as well. I have covered Gov. Palin extensively since 2008, met with her on numerous occasions including spending time with her and her family at her home. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many of her top aides.

So I am well versed on the topic of Gov. Palin which is why in the next few days, I will be conducting interviews with several people who are portrayed in this movie in order to get to the truth of the matter and expose Game Change for what it really is: an attempt to destroy Sarah Palin once and for all. In fact, the name of this movie should really be “The Steve Schmidt Story or How I Saved my Backside by Denigrating Sarah Palin.”

Curzon is the Executive Producer and Host of Sarah Palin Radio. Since Sarah Palin Radio was launched in 2008, the program has been covered on MSNBC, CNN, WUSA, “America’s Morning News,” Agence France-Presse TV, SVT Sweden TV, PJTV, United Press International,The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker magazine and numerous blogs and radio shows. The executive producer and host was named “Worse Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC show and acknowledged by Gov. Palin in her best-selling book Going Rogue.

Curzon is also the Associate Producer of US Tea Party Radio and a contributor to PJTV and Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Hollywood.

Audio Transcript of Lisa Kline Interview

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