Guest Submission: The 1969 Mets and Gov. Palin

by Ed Fertik, Publisher, Tea Party Times – “Commentary That’s Right”

When I was growing up in New York City in 1969 I was a fanatic METS fan and I wasn’t at all unusual. The worst team in baseball had millions of fanatic fans while everyone else, especially Yankee fans, had a very simple opinion. “The METS stink” was what we MET fans had to endure from the entire world of sports……until of course they decided to win more games than anyone else and go on to win the World Series that year. At the time, the great sportscaster Howard Cosell said something to the effect that the METS were not just a team; the METS are a “living organism” he said. The METS had a mystical quality to them in 1969, like a Clint Eastwood movie and the fans gave them a ten-man team. We fans could get them a win by prayer or just vibrate the entire stadium when the other pitcher was in his delivery. The METS were the team that shouldn’t, the team that couldn’t and the team that wouldn’t. But they became the team that did and eventually the team that should have. By that I mean that eventually it became clear that a pitching staff of Seaver, Koosman and Nolan Ryan did in fact have the talent to go all the way and as since pointed out they did in fact have winning talent and they should have won and they did. So what does this have to do with the Tea Party?

Today I was not so stunned by news that Sarah Palin, according to the Public Policy Polling poll conducted March 15 – 17, has a higher approval rating than ANY current Republican candidate for President by a wide margin of 68% for Palin to 54% for Romney. The disparity is even greater when compared to Santorum, Gingrich or Paul. Like the METS…..Palin has endured years of brutal beatings by the Hollywood/Media liberals. She was the person who shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t be President. She was the politician that stunk. Somehow this label was stuck to her regardless of her college education, athleticism, family, and record of total success in everything she tried to do like being Mayor of a small city and eventually Governor of a massive state where she had an 88% approval rating. The jealousy of her was not so hard to understand. Palin was far too cute and far too successful for some. “We don’t want a President who looks like a stewardess and writes New York Times bestsellers. We don’t want a President who has the audacity to think that 32,000 abortions per week for nothing more than birth control (in most cases) is wrong.”

Now we have a situation where the leading candidate for the Republican nomination is less than exciting and far from conservative in action. We have a situation where “other” often beats Romney in primary contests, and we have a situation that could lead to a brokered convention that throws the whole thing wide open. Palin has indicated she would be there waiting at the convention and it’s my opinion that the lady who shouldn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t is actually the lady that should, could, and might. Her supporters are like the fans of the ’69 Mets. Her identity has a being far beyond that of Sarah Palin. Palin is not simply a candidate like Romney but rather a spearhead for a massive movement and a way of thinking about America. One day in the future, we will recognize that like the ’69 METS the talent was always there.

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