Holding Out For A Hero

After seeing the debate sparked by the CNN article yesterday, I started to think about “the day the music died” also known as the day the Governor announced she wasn’t going to be seeking the GOP Presidential Nomination “at this time.”


October 5th.


Everyone deals with a loss in different ways. In truth, some of us are still in the various stages of grief with it. More of us than we want to admit are still in the denial stage–we think somehow magically the Governor will swoop down from on-high and save us all from the Obama tragedy.


Sadly, at this time, this is not reality.


I had a dream the other night (starring Firelight and myself) that we were at the Tampa convention and The Governor was there. She had decided to meet with a bunch of her supporters and we all huddled with her. She made her seventy-fifth and final announcement, that she would not be seeking the GOP nomination “at this time.” In that moment, in the dream, I remember feeling anguish, regret, sadness. Things I thought I had long since buried last Fall.


I woke up with a feeling of dread. Am I doomed to keep reliving the October 5th announcement over and over again?


My point is not to have you psychoanalyze what my dreams mean, but to consider that many of us are still processing through what we thought would be the fight for our lives, our country, and our freedom through the prism of Sarah Palin’s candidacy for President.


After much thought, the lesson that I choose to take away from all of this is that there simply is no one solution to the problems we face in our country. There is no one hero. By not running, the Governor taught me that. She’s imperfect, she’s human, and she’s not going to provide us with the answers all the time.


However, what the Governor’s decision did, besides give me a reality check, was to help me discover my own political autonomy. We can’t just rely on others to do the heavy lifting or to carry the banner for us. We need to carry it for ourselves. And I hope, dear C4Pers, that The Governor has empowered you as well.


Some of us may have felt discouraged after October 5th and to do this day, may feel underwhelmed and uninspired with the current crop of candidates. I would just challenge you to turn that in to something positive.


For me personally, I stepped back from volunteering with O4P — not to retreat, but to reload. I committed myself to be able to fully articulate and understand the nature of our Constitution. Today, a basic understanding of our founding document is something many young people sorely lack. Yes, I have always believed it was a living, breathing document — but ask me last fall to articulate these principles for you eloquently and I could not. Now, with much research under my belt, I feel more confident in what the Constitution represents, specifically pertaining to the tenth amendment and limited federal power. I personally subscribe to the theory that the states have the final authority in limiting the power of the Government. And we must not let the Congress or the Executive tell us otherwise. Furthermore, I believe that ultimate sovereignty rests with us: We the People. And again, we must not let the Congress or the Executive or even the Media tell us otherwise.


Knowing the ins and outs of the Constitution may seem like small potatoes, but it is an important tool in your arsenal to engage and inform people our perspectives on the policies of today. If it wasn’t for Sarah Palin not running, creating a need for self-advocacy, I may not have taken such initiative. I live in a big liberal city and have many liberal friends, but  making sound, reasoned constitutional conservative arguments based on fact go a long way in opening people eye’s and changing people’s minds to the liberal bias and untruths all around them.


Sarah will always be advocate for us, and she may (I hope) end up President someday. But she taught me that we must all remember we can be advocates for ourselves. So my question to you is this: Since the October 5th announcement, what have you done to affect the conservative change, so clearly embodied by the Governor, that you wanna see in our society? It can be as small as trying to gain a deeper understanding our Founding Fathers, or as big as working on a local (or national) campaign, or anything in between.


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