John Nolte on HBO’s Selective Sourcing

John Nolte posted this earlier today over at Big Hollywood. Once again, he does a fantastic job exposing the movie and those who made it, for what they are:

By my count, including Governor Palin, who’s gone on the record with various statements and her own fact-checked-to-death autobiography, “Going Rogue,” we now have 11 people — 10 of them on the record — who were there during the campaign and who vigorously and openly dispute the malicious way in which the Governor is portrayed in HBO’s “Game Change.”

The most important thing to remember, is that a few of these individuals did speak to the “Game Change” authors and screenwriter, but rather than take the word of those willing to speak out in the open, those writers CHOSE instead to take the word of those who refused to go on the record.

If you have nearly a dozen people, either telling you or willing to tell you the same story openly, why then would you choose to go with bomb-throwers living in the shadows.

That’s a rhetorical question.

Well, now we know who one of those bomb-throwing cowards is, Steve Schmidt, who HBO portrays as the calm, cool, reasonable hero of the film. In real life, however, it’s no secret that he was the “super-genius” behind (“Schmidt pushed for going all in“) the moment polls prove really lost the 2008 election; when Senator McCain foolishly decided to suspend his campaign and run back to DC to save the economy. Yes, it was Steve Schmidt who “pushed” to have McCain charge off on a white horse without having any idea as to where he was charging off to. McCain went to DC without a plan, looked feckless and reckless, and never recovered. “Game Change” blames the campaign’s loss on Palin, but that’s a total and complete fabrication.

So you’re Steve Schmidt and  you’ve lost a campaign through the stupidest move imaginable — what now? Furthermore, among many, you have an awful reputation as everything Woody Harrelson’s depiction of you covered up — as a bully, a screamer, a foul-mouthed stretcher of the truth who isn’t very competent. Suddenly it’s hard to find a high-profile job on a campaign — so what do you do?

Well, the only thing you can do; you offer up Sarah Palin as a sacrifice to the leftist wolves who hate her so much. You offer Hollywood and the corrupt media her head in exchange for a moment in the Tinseltown/MSNBC spotlight. Schmidt knows a rabid market when he sees one, so there was really no way his plan could fail. And at the end of the day, in a big, splashy HBO movie, no less than Woody Harrelson rewrote all of Schmidt’s personal history and portrayed him as the calm, moral, competent center of the storm.

It must’ve been especially gratifying for Schmidt to witness HBO portray his historic political bungle — the suspending of a campaign with no exit strategy — downplayed as nothing more than footnote.

In the New York Post today, this is probably what a $50,000 a month advisor to the McCain/Palin campaign meant when he or she strongly disputed HBO’s portrayal of  Palin, and said when asked how such “folderol gets out:”

“Whether there’s something to say or not, staffers talk just to save their asses.”

“Game Change” portrays Palin as control-freak completely full of her own power and who breaks a promise about sharing the stage with anyone pro-choice. Well, we’ve already proven that a lie, and this advisor backs us up:

“There are inaccuracies. Julianne Moore as Sarah saying she won’t stand on the stage with anyone who was pro-choice? Please. I was on Sarah’s plane. Small plane. No first-class section or anything. I’d written the women’s rights speech the night before but couldn’t be with her or give it directly to her because, although she was in the next hotel room in Reno, it had first to be faxed to McCain’s people in DC before she even saw it.

“I was paid $50,000 a month to teach her women’s rights and craft the speech. She has a photographic memory. …

“This 30-minute Henderson, Nev., talk she scanned. It was on YouTube. And that stage held pro-choice women. Sarah carried the whole operation. No venue could hold the crowds — 10,000 trying to get into a stadium for 3,000 people.”

This same advisor also gives us an insight into who we can assume is Steve Schmidt:

“McCain’s keepers, bald, smoking, hating her, couldn’t deal with a woman candidate. A Christian who needs to pray had no one to pray with. Separated from family, she was kept in her room. A runner who does five miles a day locked in a room!”

All of this fits the conference call a half-dozen current and former Palin aides held (on the record) with the media on February 22. Unlike Schmidt, who was hardly ever with Governor Palin during the campaign, many of these aides were either with the Governor almost constantly or in daily contact with her.

HBO and their media allies pushed back against this conference due to the fact that no one on the call had seen the film. What most everyone failed to mention, though, was that HBO refused to show them the film, despite repeated requests Purposely kept in the dark, these advisors could only comment on the book, the trailer, and what those in the media who had seen the film were telling them. It’s also worth mentioning that after seeing the film, these same advisors released a statement reaffirming every word of the February 22 conference call.


After seeing the film, Jason Recher told me this:

“After watching HBO’s “Game Change” I’m convinced that HBO stands for Helping Barack Obama. This fictional film is anti-fact and anti-history. Three of the 25 sources quoted by writer Danny Strong as “involved” with the 2008 campaign, are now on record now rejecting the film after seeing it.”

“A fourth “source” has privately apologized for their involvement. The others remain anonymous in role and name. HBO has not provided one fact or tangible piece of evidence that any of the slanderous charges they make in their propaganda piece are true. Not one. HBO profits from America’s freedom of speech, but seems to reject another of her tenants – innocent until proven guilty. They fight fact with fiction, and should label this movie as such.”

Those behind HBO’s “Game Change” CHOSE to use the sources they did and CHOSE to ignore the sources listed above who are unafraid to tell their stories under a microscope.

You can read the entire article here, and be sure to check out “‘Game Change’ Ratings Bust: Less than Half of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Debut” while you’re over there.

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