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What’s going on this morning?

Check out the following videos:

SarahPAC has seen Game Change and called on “HBO to add the fiction disclaimer” to the film.

Randy Scheunemann goes on the record in greater detail to denounce the film as a lie.

Cindy McCain agrees with SarahPAC that the film is fiction.

‘Game Change’s’ Top Stars and Execs: $200K to Democratic Causes; $0 to Republicans

As for the issue of Newt/Santorum, there really isn’t any danger in the two of them splitting the vote in the next three states and allowing Romney to come away with victories. It’s obvious by now that Romney has around a 28% ceiling in Southern states and he’s not going to be able to win a three-way race with 28% of the vote (Ron Paul is a complete non-entity in Southern primaries). So we already know Kansas/Mississippi/Alabama will be won by either Santorum or Newt. Gingrich has certainly earned the right to at least see if he can get a boost from winning states that are a part of his base and his campaign has apparently gone all-in in AL/MS.

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