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What’s going on this morning?

Democrat Party pollster Public Policy Polling tweeted the following:

Our national GOP poll, out tomorrow, finds Republicans like Sarah Palin more than any of their actual candidates

Not a bad debut at all for Bristol’s blog. Her blog post led Memeorandum and was the top story on in her first week as a blogger. Here’s more on her latest blog post.

It’s becoming increasingly clear from yesterday’s exit poll that Santorum is going to have to do better with non-evangelical conservatives outside of the South if he’s going to force a brokered convention. Santorum is actually doing well enough among moderate and liberal primary voters to win. Romney won 48% of moderate/liberal primary voters and beat Santorum by around twenty percent among moderate/liberal primary voters whereas McCain won around two-thirds of moderate/liberal primary voters and beat his opponents by close to forty percent. Santorum’s true problem is that he’s not doing well enough among conservatives as someone who loses the moderate/liberal vote by twenty percent on average can easily make up for it by winning conservatives by around nine percent on average. Santorum is struggling with conservatives despite the fact that he’s winning evangelicals, which suggests that his problem is with non-evangelical conservatives. Louisiana is next on Saturday.

Any predictions on where Tebow lands?

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