U.S. Senate Candidate, Sarah Steelman is Plowing Ahead, UPDATE: NEW POLL

We’ve discussed another fabulous “Sarah” here at C4P before.

She’s a great conservative who offers a bold contrast to Missouri voters who are looking to oust Claire McCaskill.

As part of the vetting process for Senate seekers, I wanted to share a new video released by Sarah Steelman along with the details of her ideas for energy.

On her website, she tells us:

Under the direction of President Obama and Claire McCaskill the United States has taken no credible action to ensure that we have an energy policy that meets the needs of our citizens and ensures that we are energy independent. Gas, oil, and energy prices continue to rise at an increasing rate affecting all businesses, big and small. Whether it be cap and trade, Solyndra, or the recent rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, this administration’s approach to energy independence has failed and will continue to fail unless a new vision is embodied.

My energy plan takes an “all of the above” approach to solving our current and future energy needs. The development of new technology must not be hindered while we capitalize off the plethora of current resources available. Enacting this energy plan will reduce our current dependence on foreign oil, decrease current energy prices, ensure stability in price for future energy consumption, and create several thousand jobs. We must act now.

  • Increase Domestic Oil Supply while decreasing Middle East Dependency
    • Open Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration
    • Open America’s energy reserves for development
    • Aggressively pursue oil shale development – The US has the largest deposits in the world. 70% of these deposits lies in the ground of land owned or leased by the federal government
    • Encourage Construction of pipelines to bring Canadian Oil to US refineries
    • Align permitting of Offshore Drilling with the industry’s capacity
    • Construct more Oil Refineries
  • Eliminate Regulatory and Legal Burdens to Energy Development
    • Reform Environmental Protection Agency
    • Enact Loser Pays Laws on environmental lawsuits
    • Streamline permitting and licensing procedures for proven energy resources
  • Long Term Vision
    • Continue to promote Private Sector Drilling for Natural Gas
    • Eliminate all energy subsidies, preventing Federal Government from picking winners and losers
    • Finance BASIC alternative energy research with NEW oil and gas royalties
    • Encourage the sale of energy resources domestically, not to China

While the energy surrounding the current presidential race continues to bounce up and down, conservatives have every right and reason to be excited about our chances for the U.S. Senate this time.  Steelman promises to be an amazing addition to our government.


A New Rasmussen Poll has Steelman ahead of McCaskill by 10 points!

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