We Are the Press

Guest Submission by Jon Garber


“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”


When the Founders enshrined freedom of the press in the First Amendment, what did they mean by “the press”?


During the Revolutionary period, there were no media behemoths, as we have them today. Instead there were town hall meetings, privately owned printing presses, and Committees of Correspondence by which the colonists kept in touch with each other, and kept tabs on any encroachments by the Crown or Parliament.


A lot like talk radio hosts, bloggers, FaceBook, and Twittter, today.




This jawbreaker mish-mash of acronyms, aka the “Mainstream Media,” have completely abdicated the responsibilities of a free press, and have become cheerleaders, sycophants, and apologists for the ruling regime. The decline has been taking place over a period of decades, but has essentially reached a dead end with their abject failure to vet Obama, coupled with their eagerness to put all the Republican nominees and supporters under the microscope.


“Mainstream Media” really doesn’t define them anymore. Democrat-Media Complex…LapDog Media (When covering Obama and the Democrats)…Attack Dog Media (when covering Republicans or conservatives)…any one of these terms is an apt description of the rotting carcass of what used to be called our free press.


So what do we do about it?


First of all, we need to change our thinking. Do not grant them the legitimacy that is due a free press for a free people. Recognize them for what they are…a gaggle of shills and demagogues, who hold you in contempt, and barely make even a pretense of newsworthy reporting. Rather than informing the public, they exist to obfuscate, propagandize, and manipulate the masses.


Next, we need to recognize that while we may not all be talk radio hosts, we can all engage in blogging, FaceBooking, and tweeting. We can even call into those aforementioned talk shows and share our views with an audience of millions. We can even use the LapDogs to our advantage by writing letters to the editor. We need to start thinking of ourselves as what we actually are – the Free Press the First Amendment is addressing. EVERY citizen is a journalist, and is due the full protection of ALL provisions of this Amendment, including the protections of the press.


Not only should we exercise our own First Amendment rights, we need to defend our fellow citizens who are doing the same. In the rough-and-tumble of political discourse, we may say say something offensive, as Rush Limbaugh did a few days ago. Rather than forming a circular firing squad, we need to support and protect each other from the vicious onslaughts of these handmaidens of the Left.


Finally, if you agree with what I have written here, share it with your families, friends (FaceBook or otherwise), email lists, co-workers, and anyone else as you have opportunity. The more we regard ourselves as the Press, the sooner we will break the stranglehold of the enemies of our freedom.

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