American Spectator | Team Obama was Behind Hilary Rosen’s Actions All Along

Aaron rightly makes note of Hilary Rosen’s phony (and belated) apology for attacking Ann Romney and other work-at-home moms. However, there is, I think, nothing phony about Rosen’s attack. It is, in fact, part and parcel of a longstanding effort by many on the Left to denigrate and demean women who choose not to work outside of the home and to devote themselves instead to their families and children.

There’s also this telling and damning fact: Rosen, reports Jim Geraghty, has visited the White House 35 times.

That’s “four times as often as CIA director/Afghanistan commander David Petraeus, three times as often as Defense Secretary/CIA director Leon Panetta, twice as often as Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki or Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and slightly less often than Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.” And five of Rosen’s White House meetings, Geraghty notes, were with President Obama himself.

Given these facts, it’s clear beyond a reasonable doubt that, despite their caterwauling, the Obama reelection campaign has been in bed, so to speak, with Rosen. She is their political surrogate and lackey. And, last night, they sent her out on a search-and-destroy mission to take out and discredit Ann Romney.

Unfortunately for the White House, Rosen failed miserably to execute her mission and is now furiously backpedaling. Team Obama, meanwhile, is trying to claim plausible deniability. (Hilary Rosen? Who’s she?!)



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