Breitbart: Palin Vindicated as Obama Engages in Real War on Women

Joel Pollak at reveals who the true culprit is in the “war on women” that Pres. Obama and the Democrats have desperately tried to pin on the GOP:

Talk about a “war on women”: this past week, the White House welcomed members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the radical Islamist organization whose Freedom and Justice Party won the largest number of seats in that country’s parliamentary elections and which may take the Egyptian presidency as well.

The Brotherhood remains staunchly anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-Christian, anti-Jew — and anti-woman. In an interview posted today by Kerry Picket of the Washington Times, a member of the Brotherhood’s delegation confirmed that sharia, or Islamic law, would guide all lawmaking in Egypt under his party’s rule.

Conservative women in the GOP and Tea Party basically rolled their collective eyes at the left’s attempt to paint their “war on women” label on the GOP. Not only is their attempt laughable, it’s embarrassing given the fact that at rallies around the country April 15-16, women from all walks of life will be leading and speaking.  On April 16 the Chicago Tea Party will feature strong, successful women at their Tax Day Tea Party Rally: Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch; St. Louis Radio and Breitbart’s Big Journalism Editor Dana Loesch; and Denise Cattoni, IL State Tea Party Coordinator.  In Washington, DC, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, will be speaking at Herman Cain’s “Revolution on the Hill and Patriot Summit.

Pollak explains how and why Pres. Obama and the Democrats invented the fictional GOP  “war on women”, while demonstrating again where the real “war on women” is taking place:

Obama and the Democrats have fabricated a Republican “war on women” — an incredible and effective political reversal, considering Obama’s own attempt to force religious institutions to provide abortion drugs and contraceptives to employees. However, Obama has made no mention of the actual war on women waged every day and night by the Brotherhood.

By engaging and aligning himself and the US with the Muslim Brotherhood, Pres. Obama disrespects the legitimate concerns of American women. Pollak then notes how this alliance basically vindicates Gov. Palin when she tried to shine a light on then-Sen. Obama’s tendency to communicate with former, current and would-be terrorists:

In the 2008 election, Gov. Sarah Palin was attacked repeatedly by the left and the mainstream media for accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” It turns out that Palin’s description was, if anything, understating the case — Obama doesn’t only pal around with terrorists, he actively supports them in an attempt to exalt himself and humble the United States.

Pollak’s complete article can be read here.

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