CNS | Fluke: ‘We’re Used To Having Contraception Readily Available’

Activist Sandra Fluke spoke at Georgetown University today at an event closed to anyone who wasn’t a student – but, Young America’s Foundation (YAF) activist Laurel Zigerelli was there to witness Fluke’s effort to convince students that religious institutions like Georgetown should be forced to provide health plans that provide free contraception.

Laurel Zigerelli, a student at Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, provides her account of, and reaction to, Fluke’s presentation:

Sandra Fluke has a soft-spoken demeanor. She claims that she is the  victim of media manipulation. Actually, Fluke may very well be one of  the most successful propagandists of our time.

She has been  unbelievably effective at shifting discussion of the Patient Protection  and Affordable Care Act from being a conversation about an obvious  infringement on constitutional rights (requiring religious institutions  to provide birth control, despite their ideological opposition) to one  of “women’s health” and “women’s rights.” Today, I had the opportunity  to witness her subterfuge firsthand on my campus.


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