Confirmed: Romney Nomination Torpedoes Unpopular ObamaCare as an Effective GOP Campaign Issue

I’ve written over a dozen posts in the past two plus years in which I warned that a Romney nomination would inoculate Obama from his greatest campaign liability, ObamaCare, and effectively give him a free pass on the deeply unpopular law. See here for example. Even Romney’s biggest water carrier at the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, has acknowledged this. To make matters worse, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll indicates support for ObamaCare has reached a new low. And this in a poll laughably skewed toward Democrats. But alas, the Republicans will have no credibility to exploit this issue with Mandate Mitt at the top of the ticket, despite what the geniuses in the GOP Establishment have told us. To underscore this point, Team Obama released a new ad today which is illustrative of how they plan to neutralize this issue.

Romney’s GOP rivals, for reasons known only to them, were notably reluctant to go after the Mittster over RomneyCare and quite content to let him off the hook on what should have disqualified him from even being a serious contender for the nomination. Clearly Team Obama doesn’t suffer from the same timidity.


(h/t Hot Air)

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