GOP Establishment Clown “Blames” Governor Palin for Pointing Out the Obvious

This steaming pile of excrement from former Bushie turned ABC pundit Matthew Dowd is, well, typical of a GOP Establishment type.

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Let’s sum up this moron’s “argument”, shall we. Governor Palin points out the obvious: That some idiot in the Secret Service should be fired and that (gasp) the buck stops with that individual in charge of the executive branch and, therefore, the Secret Service.  (That would be President Obama, Champ).  And this, according to the aforementioned moron, is evidence that Governor Palin is … what … out of line somehow?  What this do*cheb*g’s righteous indignation is based on, only he knows.  My guess is that he really, really, likes that gig at ABC.  After all, where else could Dowd be on the same pedestal as Keith Olbermann, his intellectual equal.


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