In Honor of Conor Friedersdorf, Donate to SarahPAC Today!

Conor Friedersdorf, the smug “writer” for The Atlantic has taken it upon himself to lecture us – Governor Palin’s supporters – for donating money to her political action committee. He attacks her for defending herself after he and his fellow travelers in the media, and in Hollywood, have spent millions trying to destroy her in the eyes of Americans. See, Conor thinks Governor Palin should sit down and shut up in the face of the numerous false narratives and character assassination conducted by the press over the course of the past four years. He pretends to care where our money goes, but considering that he spends most of his time attacking Conservatives, we know that can’t be true. Instead, his “Open Letter” (which I will not link to) is really just another attack, because the left can never get enough.

Governor Palin is STILL fighting these people on a daily basis. Her message, our message, our ideals would lose out if they ever succeeded getting her to “sit down and shut up.” Help her continue this fight to give us a voice on the national stage. Please take a moment to send SarahPAC a donation, and send Conor Friedersdorf and his ilk a message.

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