Governor Palin: “‘Paying At The Pump’ Solutions To Relieve Pain At The Pump”/Open Thread

The Governor posted the following on Facebook:

Real energy solutions shall be presented! Please join Eric Bolling and me as we host an energy special this Friday, April 13th at 10pm ET on FOX called “Paying at the Pump.” We’ll present real solutions to solve our country’s rising energy prices and relieve America’s pain at the pump. And, yes, there are real solutions! We’ll discuss them and invite President Obama – in fact we’ll challenge the President – to adopt them for the good of our country. The White House will have an opportunity to put partisanship and its stubborn lack of energy common sense aside to get a handle on these outrageous prices. Please tune in Friday night. The energy special will also re-air on Saturday and Sunday.

– Sarah Palin

Here’s her PAC’s most recent filing for the first quarter of 2012. Politico reports that “the PAC also paid $4,500 to reserve space at Channelside Bay Mall in Tampa, Fla., near the site of the Republican National Convention, suggesting that Palin plans to have an independent presence at the event separate from the formal proceedings.”

Perhaps I’m just jaded but I have a tough time taking Reince Priebus’ statements about the Governor in this interview with MSNBC seriously. It’s pretty easy now for establishment figures to give the Governor insincere compliments knowing that the flattery won’t help her.

What else is going on today?

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