Sarah Palin Radio Interviews Iraq Vet Running For Gabby Giffords’ Seat

Sarah Palin Radio

LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio this week interviewed Jesse Kelly, a Marine veteran of the Iraq War who won the GOP nomination to run in a special election for Gabby Giffords’ former AZ-8 seat. When asked why his is running, Kelly said, “because this country is amazing! I have two sons. They’re three- and one-year-olds, and one day, they’re going to ask me what I did about it when America was in trouble.”

He said the most critical issues in his district as everywhere are the economy, jobs, and gas prices. “We have millions of Americans without a job, and those who have one can’t afford the gas to get to work. It is all about the economy right now.”

When asked what would be the first thing he’d do if sworn in, Kelly answered, “get the EPA out of the way, so we can get our energy in this nation. We talk about our deficit, debt, and unemployment. These are all problems that energy can solve. Get the government out of the way. We can start drilling, we use our natural gas, uranium, clean coal. We have everything we need not just to be energy independent but to be wealthy.”

Kelly’s views on energy and the economy align 100% with those of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Kelly had run for the seat before, which is now in the hands of a Giffords aide. Curzon said since this is a special election and that Obama could carry Arizona this year, both Democrats and Republicans are watching the AZ-8 race very closely.

Kelly’s campaign website is:


Audio Transcript of Interview with Jesse Kelly, AZ-8 Congressional Candidate

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