Erick Erickson: Thank God Nikki Haley Isn’t a Democrat Or It’d Be A Hate Crime

To be sure, we’ve had our disagreements with Erick Erickson from time to time. This is not one of those times:

If you haven’t seen it yet, Newsbusters has the video of  South Carolina AFL-CIO president Donna DeWitt beating the hell out of a piñata with a picture of Nikki Haley taped to it.  The union crowd cheers her on.

This comes just days after Phil Bailey of the South Carolina Democratic Party called Nikki Haley a “sikh Jesus” multiple times on Twitter.

Were Nikki Haley a Democrat, the media would make this the front page story across the nation — racist tea partiers beating up the minority governor in effigy.

But no, Nikki Haley is a Republican minority.  The media views most stories like this in terms of victim and victimizer and a minority who signs on with the Republicans has, in the mind of so many reporters in America, chosen to join the victimizer class.  Therefore, when she herself is a victim, it’s just payback.

I can’t argue with any of that. Imagine, for example, if it had been a piñata with a picture of Barack Obama taped to it at a Tea Party rally. The individual wielding the bat would be referred to Eric Holder for hate crime charges. The media would be calling on Obama to ban the Tea Party (and any other political opposition) and name himself President-for-Life. Of course that sort of thing doesn’t happen at Tea Party rallies. It’s becoming par for the course, though, at venues populated by those enlightened individuals who make up the Democrat Party base. Who can forget, for example, Madison, Wisconsin or, for that matter, West Hollywood, California?

It’s comforting to know that we unwashed, rabble rousing conservatives have these sterling examples of civilized behavior to look up to.  Maybe some day, with the proper indoctrination of course, we too can achieve the lofty levels of eruditeness and sophistication enjoyed by their fellow travelers in Occupy Wall Street. One can dream, right?

Yesterday Governor Palin commented specifically on Nikki Haley’s treatment by the South Carolina AFL-CIO President.  For those who may have missed it, here’s DeWitt in action:



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