Jay Cost | How the Democrat Party Lost its Way

Why is the country debating gay marriage right now?

The deficit is out  of control. The economy is stuck in neutral. Incomes are flat. Unemployment is  stubbornly high. Europe is on the brink of collapse. The Middle East is on the  brink of war. So why are we talking about gay marriage?

The reason is  simple: President Obama was facing a backlash from a core Democratic  constituency, namely the gay rights community, and he had to respond because he  desperately needs its campaign contributions.

There is no great national emergency with the issue of gay marriage; in fact,  President Obama is not even going to introduce legislation in Congress to repeal  the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Instead, there is only a partisan emergency:  a Democratic interest group was reading President Obama the riot act, so he had  to flip-flop.

That says a lot about the modern Democratic party. In fact,  it says it all.



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