Keeping an Eye on the Late-Comers

I appreciate Michele Bachmann’s endorsement of Richard Mourdock which took place on Wednesday afternoon.  Further, I am grateful to Rick Santorum for using his influence to back the U.S. Senate candidate as well.  Lugar’s 36-year movement of Occupy Senate is long overdue for a graceful farewell.

I live in Illinois.  I am right on the border of Indiana and do most of my shopping there (lower sales tax).  I know many Tea Party members of the state who’ve been campaigning for Mourdock for months.  These patriotic individuals were not driven by money, or favors, or a bandwagon.  They were driven by a desire for a more ethical government, commonsense economic policy, and a desire for a representative in the U.S. Senate who had the cajones to truly represent them.

It was their support that kept Mourdock’s campaign afloat.

Then Mourdock received the endorsement of Governor Palin.  Suddenly he became a national interest.  His press coverage nearly multiplied by the dozens.  That endorsement catapulted him from having a fighting chance to enjoying a comfortable lead of ten points in the latest poll.

The MSM couldn’t deny it if they tried.  Neither could any other politician. Even John McCain is poised to wear egg on his face Wednesday morning after the Indiana primary.

All that being said, I am leery that after a week of media coverage generated by the Governor’s endorsement of Mourdock,  two alleged Tea Party representatives have endorsed Mourdock within a day of endorsing or meeting with Mitt Romney.

Michelle Bachmann came out for Richard Mourdock on Wednesday.  One day later, she endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Rick Santorum met with Mitt Romney on Friday.  One day later, he endorsed Richard Mourdock.

Taking away the varying levels of support or consideration for Mitt Romney, I find it strange that two failed Presidential candidates (a.k.a. Jane and Johnny-Come-Lately) are jumping in to ride the wave created by Governor Palin.  Frankly, Richard Mourdock didn’t need the endorsement of either of them to win especially with Palin’s backing.

It creates a question in the minds of those same well-meaning citizens who’ve been working hard for Mourdock who were also energized by Governor Palin.  Are these late-comers using the energy created by Sarah Palin and the grassroots to segue it into an endorsement for the establishment’s golden boy?

By extension – Mitt Romney is winning over the Tea Party.

I don’t suggest this to slander the reputations of Congresswoman Bachmann or Rick Santorum.  I bring up what seems possible for the sake of letting these folks know we are keeping an eye on them.  We have to remain vigilant to prevent the establishment media from using one or two alleged “Tea Party favorites” from undermining the efforts of the only one who matters.  She’s the one who has a Tea Party record of sudden and relentless reform.  She’s the one who exuded the courage to tell us what the Tea Party was all about.

For all the purposeful attempts of the media to marginalize her, they can’t jump in at the last minute to take advantage of the energy she creates.  Especially when they attempt to transcend it to their chosen ones by co-opting a few perceived Tea Partiers who fall in line for the sake of going along.

Pay attention to the media narrative Wednesday morning.  When they try to re-write the factual one,  we’ll stand strong with the confidence of knowing that Mourdock’s game-changer came from the same person who not only knew what the Tea Party was all about in 2010, but remains one of the few national figures who holds onto those principles today.

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