New Poll: Mourdock Surges To 10-Point Lead Over Lugar: Update: Washington Liberals Getting Worried

Despite the latest efforts of the establishment to marginalize Governor Palin and her supporters, a new poll seems to contradict the message behind their mission.

Around the same day of Governor Palin’s endorsement of Mourdock, a previous poll revealed that Mourdock was ahead by five points.  Even Lugar rejected the results and questioned its validity.

After the Palin-effect kicked in and despite McCain’s last minute attempt to come to Lugar’s rescue, a new poll released shows Mourdock doubling his 5 point lead to 10 points within a matter of days.

A new poll shows Treasurer Richard Mourdock building a commanding lead over Sen. Richard Lugar.

The Howey/DePauw Indiana Battleground Poll, conducted by two prominent Republican and Democratic pollsters, shows Mourdock with a 48 percent to 38 percent lead over Lugar.

Perhaps the “insiders” Stacy wrote about last night anticipated these types of events explaining why they’re choosing to remain “anonymous” when taking comments to left-wing enablers.

Update by Doug: Washington Post Lefty Dana Milbank is getting worried that Mourdock could win.  After praising Lugar for his “bipartisanship” (which in liberal-speak means agreeing with Democrats), Milbank resorts to typical liberal calumny: Mourdock is a right-wing nut that can’t be trusted to protect us from WMD. (We’ll probably be in danger from the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, too, if Mourdock wins.)

Enter Richard Mourdock, a tea party hothead attempting to defeat Lugar in the GOP primary. A cornerstone of his effort to oust Lugar is the six-term senator’s bad habit of bipartisanship — never mind that Lugar’s bipartisanship was in the service of protecting millions of Americans from nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism.

The implication  is clear: Only a reasonable, bi-partisan kind of guy can protect us from weapons of mass destruction. Certainly not a conservative…especially not one to whom Milbank refers as a “tea party hothead “.  One gets the sense that Milbank believes that if Mourdock wins and America is denied Lugar’s wisdom in the Senate, World War III will quickly ensue. Presumably everyone should stock up on freeze dried food and store it in their backyard nuclear fallout shelter.  Didn’t the Left say pretty much the same thing about Reagan when he ran against Jimmy Carter?  Milbank also manages to take a shot at Governor Palin:

As Mourdock piles up support from the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Grover Norquist, Lugar is still clinging to the notion that substance matters; this week, his office issued a news release titled “Lugar Announces Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction through Nunn-Lugar.”

Governor Palin’s endorsement, you see, is not substantive.  It never is.  That is unless she suddenly began regularly endorsing those candidates acceptable to the Beltway status quo (that would be those responsible for the mess we’re in).  Then I have no doubt we’d begin reading MSM articles about how Governor Palin has seen the error of her ways and has “grown” on the national stage.  Whatever.

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