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LaDonna Hale Curzon, Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio this week interviewed former New England Patriots running back and ESPN commentator Craig James who is now running for a US Senate seat in Texas. James had played in the Super Bowl and had been a businessman for over 30 years.

When asked about why he is running, James answered, “You know, I was asked the other day, ‘do you think you’re too conservative?’ What’s too conservative about honoring the Constitution? The Ten Commandments? About believing in people and freedom and free markets? I said, you know that is what has given me a chance in this line. I’m living the American Dream.”

Hunger to Preserve the American Dream

He continued, “I grew up as an apartment boy. I saw the eviction notices up on doors as early as third grade and ate my fair share of mayonnaise-only sandwiches, but America gave me a chance to live the American Dream. I want to preserve the American spirit. That is my real hunger to preserve this country and the things that made it great.”

Energy Independence and Environmental Stewardship

About what he thought is the most critical state issue, James said, “in Texas, we are in the sights of the Obama administration….The EPA is coming in and trying to strangle us with regulations and environmental concerns they’re saying they have for us. Here in Texas, we have been blessed with oil and natural gas resources that we need to go and drill for. If we will get the government out of the way, we will take care of the environment.”

On the Keystone XL Pipeline, James said, “there is no plausible reason for anyone to be against” it. “We have refineries in southeast Texas that need to have that oil brought to them, not just for Texans but for the whole country, so that we can become more secure.”

Secure Both Borders and Shorelines

If elected Senator, James would “push the federal government back into a box and allow the states to control themselves – the Tenth Amendment. One of the real roles of the federal government is to defend our country. We are not defending the United States mainland not just the 1900 miles on the South and Southwest but both shorelines and the Canadian border. We are at war not just abroad, but at home.” James said he would use the United States military to secure the border, then “have an immigration conversation.” He is against amnesty, but said the legal immigration process needs to be simplified.

Tenth Amendment

He said the most critical issue on a national level is the growth and over-reach of the federal government, which is “bankrupting the American spirit. We have to educate the 50% who are moving toward socialism why it is so important to support limited government, low taxes, and free markets. Those things work. Socialism does not work.”

He said the first thing he would if elected is “walk in and try to get Harry Reid to put a budget to the floor….but my big march would be to get everyone on board to understand and adhere to the Constitution.”

A Citizen Running…

James said he is not a politician and has never run for office until now.

“I’m a citizen – a citizen – a citizen running for U.S. Senate. we need major infusion of real people from real street, to go save our country….I’ve been blessed in my life and I’m saying this humbly. I’ve played in the Super Bowl, announced Super Bowls, been in the biggest boardrooms and done deals with billionaires…I’m not going to be awestruck by the presence of Washington, D.C….I’m going up there to do the work of we the people.”

About his primary opponents, he said “they are all good people.” But, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst is “a typical politician” and “we would get the same old same old.” Tom Leffert, the former Mayor of Dallas “went for big government” against the private sector. Ted Cruz, the former Attorney General is the guy who didn’t understand the concept of free markets….we don’t need another lawyer in the Senate chamber.”

James is picking up significant endorsements from Tea Party groups, Republican women’s clubs, and grassroots groups. He said it is building into a movement and that it is humbling and exciting.

Though he was a Santorum supporter, now that Romney is likely to be the GOP nominee, James is supporting Romney. He said that Obama has no clue about free markets, and Romney having been a businessman understands how they work.

The NFL and Conservatism

Even when he playing for the Patriots, he also ran a real estate business. In his football career, James played with people of all races. He was made captain of football teams in high school and college, because he said his team knew he cared about them and their success. Those leadership skills he developed helped him become successful in business, James said.

Curzon noted that almost all of the NFL players who have run for office are Republicans. James said, athletes are a diverse family but tend to be conservative. Though celebrities, football players don’t usually travel with an entourage and conduct their daily lives like ordinary people.

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