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This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Fresh off a successful RINO hunt in Indiana, Sarah Palin flexes her endorsement muscles once again. After helping Richard Mourdock topple Obama’s favorite Republican in the Hoosier State, Governor Palin hopes to give a boost to two other U.S. Senate hopefuls, Nebraska’s Deb Fischer and Ted Cruz of Texas! Fischer is Kevin’s special guest today. She talks about the Palin endorsement impact and her GOP race. Also, Governor Palin delivers the keynote speech at the annual SALT conference in Las Vegas. It’s all right here, RIGHT NOW on SarahNET Radio!

Deb Fischer on the Palins Endorsements

“I’m very excited. It’s continued the momentum for our campaign, because Gov. Palin is so respected.” Scholla noted that the endorsement could be even more powerful, because Fischer is locked in a six-way primary. Fischer agreed. “This endorsement by the Governor is very special.”

Palin Power

Scholla recounted how Gov. Palin endorsed Richard Mourdock who went on to beat establishment RINO Richard Lugar, who had been in the US Senate for over three decades. Following the Fischer endorsement, Gov. Palin endorsed Ted Cruz, of Texas, resulting in a huge surge of donated money and volunteerism. This is Fischer’s first statewide race. She had been in the Nebraska legislature for eight years. Fischer has a strong grassroots campaign, which she said likely attracted the endorsements of Sarah and Todd Palin. “I’m not your usual politician. I have not been running for the U.S. Senate for forever like some of my opponents….I’m a wife of 40 years…we have three grown sons…”

Fischer’s Record

“I’ve been effective as a state Senator….I take on tough issues. I build consensus with my colleagues. Here in Nebraska, we a unicameral legislature – one house only – and we’re non-partisan. So, you have to be tough, you have to know your business, you have to understand the issues, and work hard and build that consensus if you are going to pass those big policy issues. I’ve been successful in doing that,” she said.

“In Nebraska, we have term limits: it’s two four-year-terms and it works.” Fischer said she would term-limit herself as Senator. She said elected office should be public service. “You go in, take on the tough issues, then go home. I believe the U.S. Senate should be limited to two terms.”

Fischer said half of the U.S. is comprised of lawyers. She said she hopes to bring a voice of rural values and common sense there. Fischer is a ranch-hand. Like her endorser, Fischer shares a commonality with her constituents, spends time with them, and listens to their concerns. She has the largest legislative district in Nebraska. Though sparsely populated, Fischer’s district is the size of the state of New Jersey and she drives approximately 25,000 miles per year in the course of her work.

“It’s important that elected officials and candidates get out there and listen to constituents. Constituents have a lot of common sense,” she said. The issue Fischer hears raised most often is “the out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C, and everything else stems from that.” Nebraska legislators are required to balance the state budget, and Fischer has done that for the past eight years. “We’re $15 trillion in debt at the federal level…We need to let small businesses grow and let them create jobs. We need to back government away, reduce regulations, have the government reduce energy costs, reform the tax code, repeal ObamaCare. We need to promote free and fair trade. We need to reform Washington,” she said.

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