Stacy Drake: Past Is Prologue: Reformers Need Not Apply

Since time immemorial, politicians of all stripes have promised to bring reform to government.  Some are sincere.  Many do so with no intent of following through.  Few have the kind of authoritative record such as Governor Palin does to back up their words with a documented list of achievements on the matter.

So when she speaks out publicly and presses for “sudden and relentless reform”, conservatives can take heart that she does so as one not only with a true understanding as to what that means but with a heart and a passion for making it a reality.  It’s not just words.  She means it.  She’s done it.

So one would think that her kind of record would be applauded by those of her party and that the current GOP presumptive nominee would be encouraged to pick someone like her.  Not so:

The GOP establishment’s Palin-bashing is intended to pressure Romney to pick someone who they know will play by their rules. By denigrating Palin, claiming she wasn’t qualified — when an honest look at her record clearly states that she was — they are removing any possibility that a Beltway outsider like her has any chance to be on this year’s ticket.

Why would they do this?  The answer is clear:

Sarah Palin’s now entirely-vetted record reminds us that this isn’t the first time she has been at odds with party leaders. The Alaska GOP learned quickly that she wasn’t going to be a good teammate in corruption; she wouldn’t play their games and stuck to her principles instead. In 2003, Palin blew the whistle on fellow GOP Commissioner Randy Ruedrich for his unethical behavior. She was instrumental in tearing down the corruption-plagued GOP machine in her home state:

Mrs. Palin has meanwhile passed an ethics law. She’s tightened up oil oversight. She forced the legislature to rewrite the oil tax law. That new law raised taxes on the industry, for which Mrs. Palin is now taking some knocks, but the political background here is crucial.

The GOP machine has crumbled. Attorney General Renkes resigned. Mr. Ruedrich was fined $12,000. Jim Clark—Mr. Murkowski’s lead pipeline negotiator—pleaded guilty to conspiring with an oil firm. At least three legislators have been convicted. Sen. Ted Stevens is under indictment for oil entanglements, while Rep. Don Young is under investigation.

Throughout it all, Mrs. Palin has stood for reform.

This made her a target then, and it apparently continues to make her a target today.

The Republican political class is pushing to get an “un-Palin” as the vice president, meaning they do not want someone who is a reformer of the Tea Party mold.

True reformers scare the establishment because they seek to disrupt their schemes and restore limited government and power to the states and to the people.  As her record shows, Governor Palin is a true reformer.

Is there any doubt why the permanent political class are working so tirelessly to destroy her?  To weaken her influence?  To rewrite history?

No there isn’t.

None at all.

Reformers are needed now more than ever.  We must stand by them when they’re attacked, regardless of whether there’s a D or an R on the attacker’s jersey.

We must have their backs.

Stacy Drake’s article is a real wake up call about the attitude of the permanent political class regarding the tea party/reformer mindset.  And not only with regard to this election either.  The entrenched political class will never welcome those who seek to reform it.

Be sure to read the whole thing.



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