Ted Cruz on SarahNET Radio: Phones Ringing Off the Hook Post-Palin Endorsement

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This week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: With Palin Power at an all-time high, Ted Cruz looks to bring victory home with the help of his recent endorsement from Governor Palin. Cruz is Kevin’s special guest this week. The U.S. Senate candidate talks about the much welcomed support from Sarah Palin and the big race in Texas. Plus we look back at Deb Fischer’s huge barracuda-fueled victory in Nebraska. It’s all on SarahNET Radio!

Palin Power

Since former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Ted Cruz, the phones have been ringing off the hook at his campaign offices, the Texas U.S. Senate candidate said during his interview with Kevin Scholla, SarahNET Radio. “It has exceeded all expectations. It has been absolutely incredible. The minute Gov. Palin endorsement in this race, the phones lit up like a Christmas tree, and we had over the next 48 hours 1,000 contributions…into the campaign. It is electric, the impact and momentum, it has had,” he said.

Gov. Palin’s Endorsement Pivotal in Campaign Transformations

Cruz harkened back to Mourdock’s Indiana victory. “The 36-year entrenched incumbent moderate was 10 points ahead in the poll. Gov. Palin endorsed the conservative challenger, Richard Mourdock, and Mourdock didn’t just win! He won by 21 points! That is a staggering impact. There is no doubt that Gov. Palin’s endorsement was the pivotal moment in that transformation.”


Moving to the Nebraska race, Cruz said, “Deb Fischer was in third place behind the establishment candidate with all the money. Gov. Palin endorsed Fischer and this week she won outright. Again, Gov. Palin’s endorsement turned that race upside down.”


In her Facebook Note publicizing the Cruz endorsement, Gov. Palin wrote, “Your conservative principles, passionate defense of our Constitution and our free market system come at a time when these cornerstones of our freedom and prosperity are under attack.”

Cruz said, “there has never been a time in our nation’s history when liberty was more under assault, and the unhappy truth is it has been establishment career politicians of both parties that have gotten us into this mess. There’s an elite in Washington that just want to hold on to power, and they can’t say ‘no’ to spending and they built up a $16 trillion national debt that’s putting us on the path to Greece, Italy, and where much of Europe is. And all over the country in 2010, voters said ‘enough already with tired, establishment moderate politicians. Give us new leaders who a strong conservatives and fighters.’ Gov. Palin all over the country made an enormous difference in 2010 seeking out strong conservative leaders and fighters and overthrowing the moderate establishment that did not want to stand for principle. In 2012, Gov. Palin’s influence and willingness to stick her neck out and fight to ensure that we have strong leaders to help turn this country around is having a massive, massive impact.”

The Senate is the Battleground for Every Issue

Scholla said many conservatives were disappointed with the field of GOP Presidential candidates and asked Cruz if he thought it was Gov. Palin’s intention to “fill the Senate with conservatives, thus making it necessary for the eventual president to lean right?”


“I think that’s exactly right,” Cruz said.

“The Senate is going to be the battleground on every issue that matters. If you want to repeal ObamaCare – and I intend to the lead the fight to repeal every syllable of every word of ObamaCare – the Senate is going to be the battleground. If you want to dramatically reduce the size, the power, and spending of our federal government and the national debt, the Senate’s the battleground. If you want to enact fundamental tax reform, if you want to open up our national resources to exploration and development, the Senate is the battleground, and the Senate is at a tipping point.”

He continued,

“There are right now six or seven strong Constitutional conservatives, and they’re outnumbered…by Democrats, but even more importantly, they’re outnumbered by fellow Republicans who often won’t stand and fight. If we can double their numbers – if we can grow the numbers of strong free-market conservatives – to 10, or 12, or 15, that will be a critical mass in the Senate. That’s what it will take to drive a strong conservative agenda, an additional half dozen and Gov. Palin is making a major national difference helping strong conservatives get elected so that we have the leadership in Washington to stop the Obama administration’s agenda, and get back the principles of liberty and to restore our Constitution.”

“The Cruz Secret”: The People, not the Candidate

Scholla asked what the “Cruz Secret” is to turning out the legions of volunteers, when most people are too busy with their own lives. “The ‘Cruz Secret’ is the same secret we have seen from leaders all over the country whether it was Marco Rubio in Florida, or Mike Lee in Utah, or Rand Paul in Kentucky, or Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, or Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. It is to stand for principle. It is to stand for liberty. It is to stand for the Constitution and not to give and compromise and cut deals and bargain away our liberties.”


He continued,

“There is an incredible excitement all across Texas and all across the country right now, because our country is in crisis. We’re really at a crossroads. If we do not stop this explosion of government spending and debt, we are going to lose our country….As a result, millions of Texans, millions of Americans are standing up and saying, ‘we’ve got to fight to save our nation to save that Shining City on a Hill’ as Reagan famously put it. That’s where the strength of this campaign is coming from. It’s not the candidate. It’s coming from the people, because the people are ready to take our country back.”

“I’ve often said in 1979, it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. I think the greatest legacy of Barack Obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party who stand up and fight for liberty and fight for the Constitution and Gov. Palin is playing a major, major role in helping bring that new generation of conservatives to the forefront nationally.”


Scholla asked Cruz if early voting presented his campaign any special challenges. Cruz said that early voting lasts for two weeks and continues until May 25. The election is on May 29. He said more than half the votes would be cast by early voting. “I would urge every one of your listeners in the state of Texas, please come out, please early vote. I ask for your support at the polls. I would ask every one of your listeners to get at least five of your friends to come out and vote and early vote, particularly this election. It is expected to be a relatively low turnout election, which means it is going to be dominated by the most conservative, the most passionate voters.”


He also asked people nationwide go to www.tedcruz.org and donate to the campaign. “We’ve raised over $6.1 million. It has come from 21,000 donors in over 850 cities in all 50 states.” When Cruz was interviewed on Sarah Palin Radio, he had $5 million from 19,000 donors, so conservatives are answering the call and need to continue.


“My opponent, who is the incumbent Lieutenant Governor is very much an establishment moderate. He is funded by just about every lobbyist in the state of Texas and most of them are lobbyists in Washington. He is independently wealthy and has put $8 million of his own money into this race running $2 million a week in nasty, false attack ads coming at me hard,” Cruz said. “The moderate establishment is circling the wagons around him. He has increased taxes, he has increased spending. He is your typical establishment moderate, and yet we are being supported by conservative activists all over Texas and all over the nation.”


He said if “we win this race, Texas will lead the fight to turn our country around to get back to liberty and back to the Constitution.”

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