The Difference Between TEA and Colored Water

So, there you have it.  Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell, not to mention Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley have endorsed Mitt Romney for President. 

After we catch our breath from the grand shock (no, not really) we have suffered, let’s ask ourselves how any of this benefits the Tea Party and its accompanying message.  Could perhaps one of our very own Tea Party “leaders” be looking for a quick promotion of some kind?  In some cases we know this to be true.  In others, it’s going to be our job to find out as the future reveals certain things. 

As has been brilliantly articulated before, there is no way Republicans can convince independents to rally behind conservative values until they start holding their own accountable.  By extension, there is no way the Tea Party can do the same unless we hold ours accountable, too. 

While patriots like Governor Palin are fighting for the common good and time-tested truths of this great nation, some who benefited from our passion and energy aren’t listening to us when the going gets tough.  These are defining moments.  They caved to the establishment in no different of a way than the establishment caves to the left.  This cheapens our service men and women’s intention of selflessly sacrificing their lives for all that is good and right.  It also cheapens the hard-earned contributed service put into our efforts of activism by ordinary Americans like ourselves; you and I, who know that honoring our best and brightest means to stand on principle always. 

Suffice it to say that I am confident that real and loyal commonsense members of the Tea Party knew all along that none of those politicians previously mentioned – and currently pumped up as heroes by the establishment – ever came close to matching the Tea Party power of a real public servant like Governor Palin. 

And I for one am proud that despite what she may or may not do in the future, Governor Palin truly intended for this process to play out as it should have as opposed to the way the establishment-elite had it planned out months ago.  This is why she’s special.  This is why her place in history will stand out among the copycats.  It’s why we’re all in the right place. 

With Michele Bachmann, I clearly laid out the differences months ago between her and Governor Palin anyway. 

With Christine O’Donnell, one Senate run apparently has not taken her as far as she’s wanted it to.  For all the flack Governor Palin takes for her post-Gubernatorial free-market success as an advocate, at least we can say with confidence that she worked for it first by being a well-liked mayor, a respected oil and gas regulator, and a phenomenal Governor who engaged in the same sudden and relentless reform we need in D.C. 

With Marco Rubio, his true colors showed when he was selective in his outrage against Newt Gingrich for attacking Romney in Florida.  But Sarah Palin provided the truth when she stated that Romney “drew first blood” long before. 

And finally with Nikki Haley – who trusted the will of the people when it was time to be elected as their Governor in SC with the help of Sarah Palin; yet, who didn’t believe they were smart enough to pick their own president when the polls reflected otherwise with Gingrich ahead of Romney leading up to the election. 

It seemed almost conspiratorial.  In reality, it probably was.  Nikki Haley was the Romney campaign’s last hope for winning without taking their attack-machine to new heights.  The people still spoke and rejected Mittens in the state’s primary before things went to Florida and the GOP Cannibals began truly eating their own.  (Now they want “unity.”) 

Coincidentally, we now find out that certain party members in Florida are actually looking to Romney for a little payback for all their efforts. 

Florida Republicans revived your candidacy in the Jan. 31 primary. They’ve donated more than $7 million to your 2012 presidential campaign. They’re hosting your nomination bash at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. And without Florida’s 29 electoral votes it’s nearly impossible for you to win the White House.

So now Florida Republicans are expecting you, Mr. Presumptive Nominee, to lean on the Republican National Committee to ease off Florida’s penalties for breaking party rules by holding a January primary. They want at least 99 Floridians seated at the Aug. 27-30 Republican National Convention in Tampa, though the RNC has lopped Florida’s delegation in half to 50.

We also know for a fact that Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi was offered a promotion

The reason we all know their rhetoric and games are nonsense is because we know it’s possible to campaign against Obama to help the opposite ticket without “enthusiastically endorsing” the person who’s on it.  It means we aren’t fighting a war for Republicanism.  Instead, we’re fighting one for America. 

But while the Tea Party movement’s positions remain the best solutions, we’re finding out its organization is not perfect.  When they are Tea-Party-backed candidates, we have to listen to their promises.  But when they are Tea-Party-backed politicians, “we can vote them out just as fast as they were voted in” when they fail to live up to their promises. 

As Mary Beth discussed, we should not have to compromise what we know as commonsense conservative principles combined with the “sudden and relentless reform” needed in Washington.  We also know it’s very possible to energize the grassroots when the message is one of simplicity and a common knowledge of those principles when they are executed and carried with a certain pride and regard for this wonderful country. 

When it comes to the election and we walk into the voting booth, when and if faced with the choice of an establishment politician who’ll “manage the decay” of our Republic vs. a liberal progressive who would take a wrecking ball to it if given another four years without fear of retribution, we’re going to vote for the lesser of two problems.  But I for one refuse to believe this process is over. 

We must continue vetting even if it’s inconvenient to others.  We have to know if these politicians were offered favors.  We have to pay close attention when the VP is selected and when the Cabinet is formed. 

If we are stuck with a President who “manages the decay,” we’ll have to see how strong these alleged Tea Party members will be when calling him out on decisions we know will ultimately hurt our country.  If they don’t, the mainstream media is going to have no problem reminding independents in 2016 of these same folks who cashed in their principles for other ulterior motives. 

Thankfully, common sense springs eternal around here.  The same commonsense spirit which points to the obvious with regard to our debt should point to the obvious when it’s time to stand on principle.  If we don’t stand on that, we don’t stand at all.

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