The seeming invincibility of the establishment…

Being a Texan, I watched the GOP Senate primary race with a measured eye. My guy was Ted Cruz and I was praying that he would either win outright, or force a run-off.

He forced a run-off…

What’s lost in the election (and every pundit’s analysis) is what REALLY happened in Texas.

Cruz was overspent by almost 8-1. He did gain some significant endorsements, however, with Governor Palin being the most prominent.

Here is the tale of the tape, so to speak:

What you can see is the groundswell of support for Cruz leading into the election. Living in Texas, I can tell you that the negative ads put out by David Dewhurst over Memorial Day weekend were relentless. However, they seemed to have the opposite effect of what he (obviously) hoped for. Despite the negative ads from Dewhurst, on election day, there’s barely a 3% margin between he and Cruz!

This bodes well for the run-off election. We just can’t stop supporting conservative candidates until they are actually IN office!

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