Update on Rebecca Kleefisch…

There’s been an awful lot of press regarding Wisconsin and Governor Scott Walker’s recall challenge. Lost in that coverage has been his Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, who is being subjected to a recall election as well.

New polling data released this week by the Marquette Law School shows Scott Walker leading Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50-44 percent among likely voters.

For the first time that I’ve seen, the same poll has reported that, in the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Rebecca Kleefisch is leading her Democratic opponent, Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, 47-41. Mitchell has the union vote, but, apparently, that fact has not helped him gain any traction.

I interviewed Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch several weeks ago and posted it HERE. She was also interviewed a week later by Kevin Scholla on sarahretradio.net. Rebecca is a phenomenal woman and deserves every Palinista’s support.

She’s nearing the finish line, but we can’t take anything for granted.

You can support Rebecca Kleefisch at http://www.rebeccaforreal.com/. We don’t want her contributions to to go to waste because the national media is focusing on Scott Walker. She has been every bit as instrumental to the turnaround in Wisconsin as Scott Walker and I have a feeling that Governor Palin would agree with me.

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