Whitney Pitcher: Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?

Governor Palin has been attacked fairly consistently by the usual suspects over the last few years in an effort to diminish or even outright negate her accomplishments.  The problem for them of course is that Palin’s record of accomplishments is vast and easily accessible to anyone willing or interested in looking.

The mainstream media and permanent political class hope that more people than not will accept their version of reality.  Unfortunately for them, Conservatives4Palin with the considerable help of dedicated conservative allies such as Whitney Pitcher stands ready to disabuse them of that notion and to set the record straight:

Today everyone likes to call himself a deficit hawk, but it’s easy to be a budget cutter when you’re broke. Palin was a serious deficit hawk at a time when her state was flush with a massive oil revenue surplus. It takes discipline and strong conservative principles to rein in spending at a time like that. Palin cut spending by nearly 10% during her tenure while reforming government, attracting more energy companies to do business in her state and adding jobs.

In the days of credit downgrades in states across the country and for the country as a whole, Alaska has seen its credit upgraded twice since 2006 due to Palin’s reform of the state employee pensions and Alaska’s oil valuation tax.

While the nominees for both political parties have implemented health care mandates on some level, Palin proposed repealing bureaucratic mandates for health care facility development and enacted patient-centered, market-driven health care reforms.

Though she is unabashedly a woman of faith, Palin’s message and governing style garnered her approval ratings as high as 93% in the second least religious state in the country. This was no uneducated, geographically-challenged “Bible Spice.”

By any objective standard, this woman was and is more than qualified to be vice president or president. Her record is arguably better than anyone on the national scene today. The facts bear this out.

After reading the following you should ask yourself a few questions:

Why haven’t we heard about all of this before? Why didn’t Steve Schmidt highlight this record during the 2008 campaign? And why is the GOP establishment attacking this woman instead of praising and emulating her leadership?

Whitney focuses primarily on fiscal and energy issues (though she does touch on a wide array of topics including health care, education and ethics reform); the facts which, just by themselves, paint the picture of a very capable executive willing to make difficult decisions.  Someone whose concern was for the rule of law and the rights and fiscal well-being of the people she served.  Someone who considered the public trust a sacred honor.

She didn’t coast in her job, nor was she incompetent nor lazy and the numbers are quite clear in this regard.  That’s the thing about hard numbers though, isn’t it?  They don’t cave to the whims and pressures of the media and political elite no matter how hard they wish it were so.  The facts are the facts.  It is our job to make sure that these facts are known so the efforts of those with an agenda not only fail but are seen as the transparent ploys they are.

Read the whole thing and be sure to bookmark this article for future reference.



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