Turning Lemons into Lemonade

With respect to some recent threads on the direction of our country, the GOPe, and Sarah Palin, it would be an understatement to say that the discussion around here has been spirited.  Differences aside on the details, this is good thing.  We’re engaged and acknowledge the need for sudden and relentless reform. 

While we all don’t seem to agree on where to place our focuses at this very minute, I truly do hope that all of us can join to do three things this year: 

1.)    Work together to fire Barack Obama in 2012!

2.)    Work together for a conservative House and Senate in 2012!

3.)    Work together to hold congressional and executive officials’ feet to the fire after November. 

I am confident that regardless of our immediate differences, our core beliefs will keep us united and we’ll wind right back up where we started and why we’re all here today: supporting the Governor no matter how she uses her enormous influence to better our country. 

My post yesterday on Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson was obviously meant to counter the ridiculous and egotistical comments made by these types of beltway-buddies against the Governor.  In providing the power-rankings of these individuals compared to that of the Governor, we were able to display the ridiculousness to their lame attempts at condescension along with their purpose of invoking her name at all. 

It wasn’t enough they got what they wanted when Palin decided against running for President in 2012.  Their actions today of purposely marginalizing her contradict their claims of irrelevancy.  Her power as a continuing personal advocate frightens them even more now than it did before.  Commonsense conservative voices definitely need not apply to their recipe of “business-as-usual.”  In their minds, they are too close to their idea of perfection to find contentment in the fact that we are not going away!

So let’s take this energy and resolve, our clarity for constitutional conservatism, and our support of Sarah and do something positive with it.  

Make a donation to SarahPAC today

Consider making a donation to American Grizzlies United

If you’d like to share your donation with us in the comments section, I’ll try to compile a total over the weekend.  If you do not wish to share, that is understandable as well. 

Thanks so much for your continued participation and discussion with us.

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