ABC’s Jake Tapper: Crony Capitalism and Pay-to-Play Alive and Well; Updated

Pay to Play: 

Although ABC seems a little late to this party, they did an in-depth piece on Obama’s dealings with top campaign-bundlers, how they were appointed to ambassadorships, and how it connects to the waste of taxpayer money like in the case of Solyndra.

The liberal media and the GOPe seemed to hope this issue of transparency, crony capitalism, and pay-to-play politics with the Good Old Boys would go away.  Despite the in-depth and very fair speech given by Governor Palin in September which opened the door for investigations into crony capitalism – along with Peter Schweizer’s fine book Throw Them All Out – it seems most of the media surrogates for Barack Obama and the GOP establishment-surrogates for Mitt Romney have not been listening.  Alas, ABC‘s Jake Tapper comes through!

Governor Palin said both sides had to be examined.  She was right.  It doesn’t matter if the candidate is wearing an ‘R’ or ‘D’ at the end of their title, crony capitalism and issues of purposeful non-transparency only hurt us – the modest voters who send what we can afford to the candidates of our choice.

What’s happening; according to ABC, is that campaign bundlers organize to get a lot of donors to contribute the maximum amount of $2,500 a piece to a collective tune of $250K, 500K, 750K, and much more.  As a result, they more-than-likely get first dibs at special favors.  They have voices in important policy decisions. They get special appointments by the president, and they get special money-favors with our tax dollars.

While President Obama pledged to eliminate this nonsense, he has actually appointed 68 of his 350 campaign bundlers to some type of ambassadorship or governmental bureaucratic panel – more than any President.

For example, Jon Corzine is still listed despite the fact he was involved in the MF Global scandal.  Hollywood giants like Harvey Weinstein are still there.  Of course, we also have George B. Kaiser who headed the organization which was one of Solyndra’s biggest investors.

You can see all of those and two less-than-stellar ambassadorship appointees of the President’s which have been conveniently swept under the rug as well in the video below.  Both resigned due to poor job performance.

George W. Bush had campaign bundlers and so did John McCain.  However, it was Barack Obama who worked the hardest to pay his bundlers back – the same crony capitalism which was brought to our attention by Governor Palin in September is now finally getting a big spotlight shone on it by the media.

So, what do they have on Mitt Romney? 

What we know is that just like Obama, McCain, and Bush; Romney enjoys his own list of campaign bundlers and fat cat donors.  But unlike the aforementioned politicians, Romney is the first to keep his list of bundlers a secret.

As concluded by Jake Tapper of ABC, this serves as a “blow to transparency advocates.”    This proclamation of Tapper’s is proof that folks like us in the grassroots exist.  It also demonstrates how Governor Palin is being heard just as strongly as she’s being feared.

Considering the whooping Obama received throughout the majority of this segment, one can hardly call this a hit piece on one party or another.

While we all want Obama replaced, we should call on Romney to release his list of bundlers considering this problem seems to keep magnifying from candidate to candidate as time goes on.

It’s about time the media confirm what most of us Palin-supporters already knew even though these same elite-types still believe that it’s us who are to be condescended to.

Update by Doug: About six weeks ago, Peter Schweizer specifically called on Romney to lift the veil of secrecy which shrouds his list of campaign bundlers. It would seem the Mittster still hasn’t received the message, and thus has zero credibility to criticize Obama on the crony capitalism issue. What’s Mandate Mitt hiding?

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